Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why I love...

I always knew that I would breastfeed, or at least give it one heck of an attempt. I knew all the benefits it has for baby. The immunity, the natural antibiotics, the amazing only God derived function of the milk changing to suite baby's needs specifically pending age, etc. I knew of the health benefits to mom too. The relaxant. The happy hormones. The weight loss. The breast cancer chance reduction. The bonding.
It's a beautiful thing!
What I didn't know and only ever hoped for, was how amazingly convenient breastfeeding is {directly from the source anyways}. I don't have to pack bottles. No dispensing formula before outings. No needing to plan my day so I can try to predict feeding times and bring appropriate bottles/formula. No need in using both arms, one to hold baby and one to hold bottle to feed baby, when out and about. No need in worrying where to get the water from to milk formula to feed baby.
I love that when out and about if she gets hungry, I take a few minutes to adjust things accordingly and then we're back off to whatever we were doing while she's happy nursing away. I love that it is our time. When family is here, I have a reason to get my baby back for some much needed snuggles. I love that she knows I am her food source and comfort. I love that she almost instantly calms when nursing regardless of what has happened previously to upset her so.
I especially love the middle of the night feedings where all I have to do is turn over to get her out of the co sleeper attached to our bed, lay her next to me, and I drift off to sleep while she fills her tummy. Me, sleep deprived? Nope. {Most of the time anyways} Thanks to breastfeeding!
I am so thankful that I have had such an amazing support network surrounding me and encouraging me through the difficult times {those growth spurts are killer!} when I questioned if I had enough milk to satisfy her... I am so thankful that my husband is a supporter of breastfeeding as well since he is missing out on the feeding part 99.999% of the time.
I am looking forward to continuing to breastfeed for the next couple of years! {Before all you go gasping in horror at at 2 year old still nursing, the World Health Organization recommends it as it is best!} Or at least until she self weans... I hope to at least reach the 1 year mark though. :-)


Michele said...

2 years was my goal. Although I try not to look back with regret, I am still saddened when I think that the mastitis robbed me of my breastfeeding when the twins were only 3 months old. But they are healthy and that is all the matters. And they still love to "snuggle down" as we used to call it when they would get ready to BF.

So glad it's going well for you.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree!!!

Annie Kates said...

I love that you love nursing so much!! It is such a special time in the life of a mommy and her babies. I miss it dearly and I look forward to the day that I get to nurse again.
You breastfeed that little girl of yours as long as you both want to!

The Swann's said...

Michelle, you did a great job getting to 3 months, with twins! So many people I know with multiples automatically assume they cannot supply enough milk to satisfy their babies and thus don't even try! I too had Mastitis, when she was about a week old, and it sucked! Thankfully, I caught mine I think pretty early in as I only had a small dip in supply so we were able to continue without much problem. So sweet that you still have a "Snuggle down" relationship with them! :-)

Thanks Annie! You were a great source of encouragement for me even before she was born so that we may be successful in establishing our nursing relationship. :-) I can't wait till you get to nurse a newborn again as well!