Monday, January 31, 2011

Sippy Cups!

While at Babies R Us spending my R Us Bucks, we decided to get several varieties of Sippy Cups. I have worked with way too many kids to be naive in thinking that the first one I try her on, she'll love and forever use! I know kids are picky and each have their own likes/dislikes so we stocked up on a variety! I seriously think we got like six different types of sippy cups. :-)

I am most excited to try her on this Tommee Tippee one! It's adorable! And yes, we will give the first go on her 4 month birthday just for laughs. She has only had a bottle a whopping like three times so far and I'm okay with that. If we can skip bottles all together, that would be a-okay in my book!

Sippy cups from 4 month to 12-18 months. Sometime between 12-18 months start on open lid cups and hopefully have spills down to once a day by 2 years old. I say that's the way to go!

I am super excited to see how she does with this sippy cup. It isn't shaped like a pacifier or the Playtex Drop Ins bottles or the Medela Bottles that she has taken to without a problem...

So for further laughs, kicks, grins, and giggles- what sippy cups did/do your children favor??? I will have to look into my stash and perhaps take a photo of all the varieties. :-)


The Udinsky Family said...

We just went through this fiasco. I bought ever single kind that was made... seriously! She will only take the 'nuk' kind... its a soft rubber nipple like a bottle. She will drink from Holdyn's sippy cup here and there (playtex) cause she wants to do everything he does, but primarily we are on nuk right now

Jessica @ Cloth Diapering Mama said...

Hi Megs!!

We have the same one you have pictured. Its suppose to be the most like the mothers breast. Brady won't take it at all, he likes to chew on it, but he has never had a bottle so he just thinks the cup is a

like your previous poster Nathan would ONLY actually drink from the NUK kind!! its sort of strange, too, because its like a straw. so i'm going to pick up a new one today for Brady....8 months old and has never drank from anything but me....but mommy needs a haircut, so he has to learn!!!

Michele said...

Our kids hated- no HATED- sippy cups. We tried a half dozen and then decided, since they loved our bite valve Camelback bottles so much, they could have their own. LOVED them. From there, we gave them straw cups. They use both still. The best news is that they could have cared less when we stopped giving them bottles. That was an easier transition than I ever could have thought possible!

Annie Kates said...

Mine prefer the Playtex brand. Lucky for me, I have a picky niece, whose mama had to buy a bunch to figure out what she liked. I just got to try all her rejected ones until we determined the boys' preference.

squirrelgirl said...

We had several different brands which were all OK with Miss K. Mostly we have the Take-N-Toss ones, which we do not toss unless it's been under the car seat for a month with milk in it :-(