Saturday, January 15, 2011

Disposables STINK!

...In more than one way! :-)

Little Miss has spent the majority of her time in cloth {I need a couple more covers to get me through as I always seem to need one disposable diaper on wash day} since 8 weeks. I love the thought of her being in cloth. I'm sure it feels better on her bottom. The fluffy butt, err, shelf back, is adorable! A few mornings back I realized just how much I loved cloth!

It was wash day and sure enough, I needed one single disposable diaper for her as the covers were still drying. She ended up going to bed a bit earlier {I don't change her diaper during the night unless it's poopy since it wakes her up so much that she thinks it's time to get up for the day and then can we say cranky pants?} than usual so she slept in the disposable all night. The next morning I don't awaken to my adorable baby pawing me to eat but instead this horrendous smell! It was the darn disposable diaper!

I'm pretty sure she urinates about the same amount nightly these days so the cloth should stink that much too, right? WRONG! It just was another reason to affirm my love for cloth these days...

So if you're looking to give cloth a try, think of the urine smells you won't be missing! :-)


Jessica said...

cloth is more absorbant, cost efficient and definitely less stinky!!!!!!

mom said...

Not to mention being kinder to baby's bottom when they have sensitive skin. :) I bet we can get one or two more covers next weekend when I am up there!! YIPEEEE... I'm gonna teach her to say nana!

Ray and Chrissy said...

Meh, I'd never use cloth. Too much work. I never had a problem with diaper rash or a pee smell. Glad they work for you but yeah, I am not carrying around poop and pee cloth diapers in a wetbag while I'm shopping. Also my kid goes to daycare so cloth isn't really an option. I guess to each their own, right?