Monday, January 24, 2011

3 Months!

I cannot believe 3 months have passed already... My baby girl is 3 months old!

Everyday she is doing something new to amaze us. I feel so blessed to wake up each morning to her smiles and go to bed each night just staring at her. My heart overflows with love...

How could it not looking at this sweet face though!? Oh Little Miss, you have stolen our hearts, again and again and again and...

Kristine from Kristine Lynn Photography came to our house on Saturday to do Little Miss' 3 month photos. Kristine is an amazing photographer and such a delight to have capturing such precious moments for us! I am so looking forward to the next several milestone photo sessions with her! This is just one photo... the teaser. I cannot wait to see and share other photos from this session!

On Sunday, Charles and I did the unfancy 3 month photos with my boring camera. :-) Little Miss is still adorable if you ask me!

She is thriving beyond belief. She's "talking" up a storm. Smiles all the time. Loves to go shopping with mommy. Hates naps. Loves bedtime. Enjoys her weekly bath. Gets a kick out of being naked, er, everything but diaper as pee always follows when that thing comes off. Has mastered rolling from tummy to back since she was like a week old. Is oh so close to rolling back to tummy, that darn arm gets in the way. Grabbing and putting toys into mouth is a relatively new trick. She has daily "conversations" with Charles when he gets home from work. It's their special time and it melts my heart! She loves nursing and instantly fixes whatever may be wrong once she gets into the position. As of today, she gives kisses. Big, wet, juicy kisses. She opens her mouth wide and everything!

Blessed doesn't even begin to truly tell how I feel. Everyday I thank God that He has sent Madelyn to us, even if it took all the heartache and frustration and losses. She is absolutely perfect. I so want to keep her little and cuddly like this forever yet am beaming with pride as she demonstrates a new talent on a hourly basis it seems!

I must go searching for Baltic Amber Teething necklaces now... Why yes, I do believe we are quickly approaching that stage. Fun.


Michele said...

She's adorable!

Annie Kates said...

I love it!! Your baby girl gets more beautiful every time I see her.
Megs, you are so right.
The broken heart of one, who had struggled for a child, can so easily be mended by a sweet smile from their baby. The scar will always be there, but the crack in the heart has healed.
Enjoy every second, every day. It just keeps getting better and better.

T said...

Oh she is absolutely adorable! She looks like a little doll in that pic! I think she looks like you :O)

Cathy said...

She is such a little angel! LOVE how this photo turned out. Can't wait to see the rest!