Saturday, November 27, 2010

Time Management.

I suck!

I'm such a laid back person who moves with the wind that this whole time management thing that I'm now having to force myself into, well, I suck at it! When baby's awake I want to play with her and cuddle and stare at her every little bit of her. When she's asleep, I want to hold her and snuggle as she is growing up way too quickly! I don't want to put her down or step away from her to clean or cook or pay attention to the dogs... That's horrible, I know. Waiting for so long for these moments that I don't want to lose a second! Can't I just hire a maid??? No, no I can't.

So a quick update-

We're no longer moving to Florida. Instead, we have purchased a house here in Missouri and I'm breaking myself away to pack as we close December 13!!!! We're super excited to be settled. To unpack these boxes we have saved to use over our last several moves and finally throw these suckers away!!! I'm super excited to decorate, especially HER room! I'm excited that this house is plenty big enough for us to grow into, God willing. I'm excited to finally have an address and be at it longer than a year. I'm excited that this will finally be OUR house. Excited to have that tax write off back too! :-) So it's been and will continue to be busy for us until after the holidays I'm sure. Heck, isn't it that way for everyone?!

Baby girl is now a month old! Where has time gone!?!? We love her more and more each and every day! Our house is so full of love, if you're needing some come on over and you'll get your fill! :-) We took her on her one month birthday and she had gained 4 ounces and grew 1 3/4 inches in two weeks. She's down to 11th percentile for weight and up to 78th percentile for height. Nice. Tall and skinny like her uncles is the prediction. Dr is happy with her progress and says to keep doing what we're doing...

So in the hopes that I get this mommy/wife thing down soon, anyone have any tips to share??? :-) My hat goes off to all single parents... I do not know how you do it! Charles and I make a great team, not sure how we would do if just one or the other full time though! Thankfully it's been Thanksgiving time and we've had three Thanksgiving meals for us so leftovers have been amazing. Sadly, those are coming to an end so I must start cooking again and not sure when/how I'll fit that in!

And lastly but not least important! Cookbooks are for sale at for $10 + shipping! They would make a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer if you're looking. :-)

Baby girl waking up so must go feed her. See. All I did was write a blog post. Didn't do laundry, shower, clean kitchen, vacuum, let out dogs, or anything else on my to-do list like I should have! Ah!


mom said...

I have many many regrets in my life, but what I DON'T regret is holding my precious babies while they slept, just watching them. It never got old, no matter how many I had! The dirty dishes were always waiting for me, growing babies never wait!

T said...


Ray and Chrissy said...

No suggestions. Clara is two and we still don't get things done. I figure life is too short and she'll only be this age for so long the housework can wait. Others disagree but I'd rather have memories of her playing in the leaves, eating her first fall apple, learning to ride a bike than the sadness that I missed those things to clean the bathroom or get the laundry done.

My SIL and Bro have a cleaning service for their house (lucky them). Other mom's wake at the crack of dawn to clean and go to bed late so that they can be martha stewart and june cleaver. I think you have to pick your battles, personally.

I work 40 hours a week, I cook almost every night of the week too. It's a lot and the routine takes time but in my opinion some things aren't worth it (the dishes can wait, and so can the laundry).