Monday, October 18, 2010

What will it be like...

Holding and staring into this new face that I've carried for nine months?

To hold in our arms an answered prayer?

Looking at my husband for the first time as he holds his baby?

The moment we find out baby is a girl or a boy?

Seeing my mom for the first time, when I too am officially a mommy?

Watching the pride beam across my dad's face as he holds his grandchild?

Seeing my oldest brothers' already proud face meet the baby for the first time?

Watching as my manly man's middle brother cradles his first niece/nephew?

Seeing a grin so large on my youngest brothers normally straight face?

Watching my husband introduce his child to his parents?

Falling asleep for the first time with my husband on one side, baby the other?

Going through all the First holidays as a family of three?

Hearing baby cry and knowing that it is us it cries for?

Introducing baby to everyone that has prayed for, cried with, rejoiced with, and encouraged along the way?

Baby, we can't wait to meet you!!!!


Wade & Melissa said...

It is amazing! There are no words to describe the first moment you look into his/her eyes and see them staring at you! It was a surreal moment that I will never forget!

I have fallen even more in love with my husband watching him being a dad to Maddox. Maddox has brought us even closer in a way that I never imagined. Wade and I have been together 10 years, and our relationship is the best it has ever been. I just stare at Maddox all day and praise God for giving him to us.

Your baby is such a blessing to everyone, and I can't wait to see pics!

Michele said...

It's amazing and I cant wait to see it for you!

T said...

Oh I cannot wait to meet your baby, too! I cannot believe the day is almost here. You are going to make such a wonderful mother!!

mom said...

And this is the perfect blog to add Safe and Sound by Matthew West. As if this post doesn't make us cry enough. I can't wait to meet that precious grandchild!!!!!

squirrelgirl said...

You have many wonderful moments ahead of you :-)