Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Madelyn's arrival...

The short side of labor and delivery...
~2cm and 50% effaced at Dr appt on Monday, Oct 18.
~"False labor" began about 10am on Thurs, Oct 21.
~"Real contractions" began around 3pm Fri, Oct 22.
~Madelyn arrives at 8:55am on Sat, Oct 23!

And now the long side with all the juicy, literally, details. ;-)
Majority of the day on Thursday I was having braxton hick contractions, much more than previously. Lost LOTS of mucus plug and had some bloody show throughout the day as well. Charles became concerned that this was indeed the real thing and headed home from work early... I was not worried and paid no attention to anything as I assumed it would be awhile yet before anything 'exciting' happened. My mom decided she did not want to risk missing the birth and made plans to head up here this evening. We went to bed, attempting to sleep. Sleep did not come easy purely due to the excitement of "is this it?!"

Mom and Ray arrived early morning on Friday. BH still coming, some even are a bit painful but nothing too intense. We walked the neighborhood, twiddled our thumbs, and around noon Charles and my mom were begging me to go to the hospital to get checked as they were sure I was making progress... We were in contact with my Dr and said to go in if we felt the need to as it's no big deal if I was not further along and was sent back home. I kept telling them we were no where near the real thing yet but decided to give in just for laughs. Insisted that if I was less than 4cm we were going back home, they agreed. At the hospital, I was checked and told that I was still only 2cm but now 65% effaced. Some progress....... We were given the advice to go eat a nice big lunch as if it was false labor, eating would stop or drastically slow contractions. We decided to head to the Cheesecake Factory and boy did I pig out! ;-) After lunch, we walked the mall a bit and headed back home.

Around 3pm, while trying to nap, the contractions started really coming. Each one was intense enough for me to stop what I was doing and concentrate better yet not talk during them. We joked that eating didn't stop labor, it put me full force into it! The only position comfortable was standing and swaying side to side. After two hours of this with each one getting slightly more intense, we headed back to the hospital in hopes of some progress. We went with the same mentality of if less than 4cm, going back home. I was checked and told I was indeed 4cm and we were being admitted until baby made it's arrival! YAY!

Time starts to get a bit fuzzy from here on out... I again found being upright the most comfortable of positions, so I did a lot of walking and swaying. I was 'stuck' at 4cm for a couple of hours and was getting defeated. Sometime around 10pm and finally at 5cm, after spending time in the jacuzzi tub, I caved and got a shot of a short lived narcotic. With this, I was able to doze some in between contractions. When I was checked again, I had made progress! Yay! More swaying and walking was in order... Contractions hurt but were manageable until about 8 or so cm. I received another shot of this in hopes of making it through transition, quickly! No such luck. I again was "stuck" at 9cm for a couple of hours. I was in so much pain with the contractions that nothing helped! The best thing I found was although I was not having back labor, having someone rub/press very firmly on my lower back helped counteract all the pressure/pain I was feeling in front. The last pain relief shot I got did nothing for me except put me to sleep and I would stop breathing thus send alarms off. Charles and my mom became on watch to keep me awake and breathing. Although I had started leaking fluid, it was a high leak and I still had a pocket of water between baby's head and the cervix that was not allowing the head to rest on the cervix and finish dilating it. Baby was still in a -1/0 station. I finally caved and had them break that water pocket just after 8am. Fortunately, the Dr hardly even touched the pocket and we were flooded with water! I was officially declared fully dilated!

The craziness begins! I had pressure and a nurse decided to do some practice pushes with me while the delivery team set up the room. I was told that baby was still pretty high up and would take some time and several good contractions to bring baby down. I immediately took on the mentality that I was indeed going to be pushing for a couple good hours and was exhausted. A couple practice pushes from about 8:15am and boy was I unprepared for the feeling it would bring! The pressure. The burning. Wow. Began wondering if I could back out of this whole thing and just forever keep baby inside me! After a few pushes, the nurse made a comment on baby coming down very nicely and to breathe through some pushes unless I absolutely had the urge to push. They had called my Dr and while he was on his way, he was taking his time as everyone thought they had time to waste. The urge was not going away and even when I tried to just breathe through, my body pushed anyways. About 20 minutes later and a few good pushes behind me, the nurse called for the on call Dr to be on close stand by as it was looking like my Dr would not make it in time. Thankfully he did, just in time!

Pushing became very intense, with certain contractions but when they came, they were strong! I felt this intense amount of pain with lots of "OUCH" statements coming out of my mouth and a few minutes later felt something exit me. I said, "Is it a boy or a girl!?" I got some laughs and was told they don't know, it's just the head! Oh. I was told the next pushing I do will be the body. Now let me just say, that was the weirdest feeling EVER!!!!! Felt like someone was pulling my intestines out. Very weird!! At 8:55am Dr put baby on my tummy while covering baby's bits and teasing us if we wanted to know what we got! The big reveal showed us our Madelyn Grace! Lots of emotions of relief and love and exhaustion and excitement and just amazement of this little beautiful baby girl that was ours, is finally here! I ended up with a 2nd degree tear as baby came down and out rather quickly. Baby had a beautifully shaped head though as she was nice and protected by that darn pocket of water.

We got lots of snuggle time both immediately and after the "golden hour" in between measurements, first bath, etc. all done in room. She is very eager to nurse, almost too much so which interferes with her latch but we're working on it and every feeding gets better and better.

I could not have asked for a better labor or delivery. Every nurse I encountered was nothing but encouraging to my face. I later found out that they were all doubting that I would continue on without an epidural after being in labor for so long with such intense pains. Having my A+ super star of a husband and my amazing mom there with me throughout it all as well I believe contributed to the great experience. I never felt alone, nor never had a shortage of encouragement.

Postpartum recovery has been something else... I've never had stitches before and boy are they annoying! Not the best feeling and still in some pain from tearing. My lower back from the constant pressure my mom and Charles put on my lower back left me bruised and unable to sit as well. No one ever tells you about the recovery and it being just as wearing on you!

My emotions did not become overwhelming until I was sitting in the wheel chair with my daughter in her car seat on my lap as we were leaving the hospital. I had just signed discharge papers declaring that this little baby is mine and we are taking full responsibility for her... Getting in the car and driving off with our baby girl was just too much for me to take. I bawled my eyes out! This is when it really hit me that I was finally a mommy and this was my beautiful baby girl! The hospital legally recognized that we were parents... It was official and we could not be any happier or in love!

I believe that covers everything... Must go nurse my beautiful baby girl and head off to sleepy land while she allows. :-)


Michele said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is beautiful news!

Ashli said...

Such a nice story! I enjoyed your experience of surprise gender...makes me really look forward and glad we are doing the same!!
(I'm MrsLewis on TWW!)

squirrelgirl said...

What a beautiful story! A couple bits of advice: take a few maxi pads and cut them in half across the middle. Wet them, put them in the freezer and use those on your stitches like an ice pack. They are awesome. Also, if they gave you a periwash bottle to use after going to the bathroom, fill it with about 3/4 water and 1/4 witch hazel. Also awesome. Use a heating pad on your low back (moist heat if possible) and get to the chiropractor [or physical therapist :-)] as soon as possible. It's likely that your sacroiliac joint is out of place and getting it back in will give you a lot of relief. Meanwhile, enjoy that precious little girl ♥♥♥

Jessica said...

Reading about you driving home with your new baby in the car bawling your eyes out made me cry. I am so happy for you!!!

T said...

Oh Meghan! I cannot even express the excitement and joy I have in my heart for you! Thank you for sharing her birth story. Give that beautiful little girl a kiss from me!
Oh...more pics!!! :O)

Ray and Chrissy said...

Aww, sounds like your labor experience was pretty good. Congratulations Mommy.

Ziggy & Friends said...

Congratulations Meg!!!

Welcome Baby Madelyn!!!

from all your friends on the Christian Wives site