Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend with the in-laws

We had a busy few days with Charles' parents here. It was nice seeing them and spending good quality time. :-)

We hit up two separate casinos (both smoke free thank you very much) and had fun watching his parents play as the smoke free ones do not have the Wheel Of Fortune game I like to play. I got my first pregnancy stranger comment and LOVED It! :-)

I got Sierra Mist (Pepsi's version of Sprite) but when I took a sip it was disgusting and I voiced that to Charles who was standing there with me. I then realized it was the DIET one! EWWW! This random lady made a comment on it being bad enough that I can't have caffeine right now that going the Diet route sucks too and encouraged me to dump it out and get the real kind. haha! I'm easily amused...

Charles had to work overtime on Friday so his mom and I did some damage baby shopping. :-) That's always fun, right?! Crossed many more things off our "to get baby list"!

Sunday I had some serious exhaustion going on! I slept right thru their departure back to Georgia and am sad I missed saying goodbye to them but know we'll see them again in a few short months when baby makes its arrival.

And now the countdown is on to get all the crap in our house, OUT! Charles' birthday, August 19, is my deadline! Whatever is still here will go straight to goodwill never to be seen again. :-)


T said...

Wait, so are you just getting rid of crap or are you moving now?

Jessica said...

Wow, you are a busy woman!! Glad you had a good weekend.