Monday, August 9, 2010

People get it!

I sometimes wonder if it is just the infertility community that really truly understands the heartache one goes thru when they so long to be parents yet are unsuccessful for so long. Through our four year journey, I had a handful {like I could name probably on one hand} who I believe truly understood the depth of my heartache even though they physically were perfectly able to conceive and carry a beautiful baby. I'm not counting those that went thru IF themselves... They get it. These are my heart aching fertile friends and family members. That's it.

So many people "tried" to understand. They "tried" to say the right things. They would "try" to offer encouragement when yet another cycle failed. I knew this and often would remind myself that they are at least "trying" to be there for us... It inevitably was one of these handful of people I would call to talk to after having a conversation with someone who "tried" yet left my heart hurting more with the cliche' statements.

And today I was reminded that not every fertile is heartless. Not every fertile takes advantage of their fertility. Not every fertile turns the other cheek when a friend is battling infertility. You see. Almost a year ago I signed up for this marketing promotional giveaway for Lost Stork Foundation start up. Here's how it went...

Me - "After almost four years of struggling with Infertility {and no end in sight…}, my husband and I are starting a Foundation to provide financial support to couples under going Infertility Treatments that are needed to expand their families. The tees will be apart of several items for purchase to raise money to give gifts to couples so that they can be a step closer to fulfilling their desire to be parents!"

Complete stranger - "Hi there! I came in here to try and win this package for my yet-to-be-born line of motivational tees, but reading the entries before mine I realized that a cause like Meghan Swann’s is more worthy than mine. I want to make money for my children and there’s nothing wrong with that, but if we can give a little help to those who need it more than we do we can turn this world around. I’ve been blessed with 4 wonderful children that are worth more than my life to me and I know that being a parent is the best thing that has happened to me. SO, if you choose this entry for the prize I would like to give it to Meghan so she can go ahead with her Foundation. Thanks"

Wow. I can't believe I just saw this today! No, I did not win this giveaway but that's okay. I won more. The encouragement to continue proceeding forward with the knowledge that both fertiles and non-fertiles alike will indeed bond together for the sake of giving infertile couples the chance they deserve to be the parents they desire! Oh, I cannot wait to give all the details about the eye opening event we hope to have in early November 2011 and how powerful it is going to be!!!! This just excites me even more knowing that the infertiles who are there will be surrounded by the fertiles that support them along the way! I'm soooo excited to see Lost Stork providing hope to couples waiting on their miracle!

I hope if you are reading this and are still longing for your miracle that you too will have a bit of hope that you are not on this journey alone. You are surrounded by people who are rooting for you and standing in your corner offering encouragement and lifting up prayer on your behalf! I remember how lonely infertility can feel. Those days will be there. I just hope they are few and far between!


T said...

That is awesome!!! I still want to help support the Lost Stork Foundation. Is the Cook book done yet? I just want to make sure I order one and tell others as well.

Jessica said...

That is great!! I am so happy that you are still doing the Lost Stork Foundation and am willing to help with anything you need!