Thursday, August 5, 2010

Moving and all that drama!

Several posts back, I mentioned us moving. Not just to another house here in Missouri, but long distances... Lots have changed since then too. So here, let me clarify. :-)

Charles works for the government. The government may make things "official" but as we have learned, they are not "official" until it has already happened. That's it. The end.

The unofficial officiality {I so just made this a word!} is that Charles was picked up in Jacksonville, Florida with a start date in September 2010. {Thankfully} this has fallen thru and now the new "date" is by June 2011. He has been told that anytime between January and June, he could be going. Nice, huh?

So, what we know and are betting our bottom dollars on is that baby Swann will be delivered in Missouri at St. Luke's hospital by our Ob/Gyn {at least we are hoping on that aspect!} and we will be here for baby's first snow and Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's! After that, who knows!

I'm looking forward to being so much closer to our family and friends back home! To have the ability for them to KNOW our baby and our baby to KNOW them. I want to see our baby's face light up when it recognizes the grandparents or uncles instead of turning red with tears streaming in fear. So although I said I would NEVER, and I mean NEVER, life in Florida God is certainly having me eat those words... Given the option of being 10 hours away versus 5 from family though with our family finally growing changes everything!

I am not looking forward to lots of things Florida brings though but I guess you gotta take the good with the bad......... :-)

So that's where we stand. Our life is always up in the air as we "wait and see" what comes about. It'll all be okay though and we'll survive. I'll update once we have new "official" information.


T said...

What are the things you do not like about Florida? Other than hurricanes I cannot think of one! Jerry is from Florida and I tell him he is crazy all the time for moving up to Missouri. If all of my family were not here I would be down there in a heartbeat!
So glad you got some more answers..I guess...for now. :O)

squirrelgirl said...

Yeah, what's so bad about Florida???