Saturday, August 7, 2010

So pleased, it swings!

After MANY months of searching for just the right swing, I am so very pleased with the outcome!! I was rather picky with my criteria... I wanted it to plug in {do not want to spend a fortune on batteries if baby decides it loves it!} as well as swing in both the "cradle" and "swing" positions. Of course, it also needed to be gender neutral since we're still having fun guessing what Baby Swann is after all! :-)

I intended just to add the swing to our registry but when I found it on for only $109 {on sale!} I did not want to risk us not getting it and thus having to shell out even more money. Very few items I'm this picky on so when it was found, I couldn't pass it up! said it should not arrive until August 19-20 so when it arrived early, I was ecstatic! Charles was out of town though so I was hesitant to put it together without him here. Partially because I suck at assembling things and partially because it has purple on it and wanted to make sure he's okay with that. When he got home from Jacksonville {exhausted as expected} and the last thing on his mind was to put together a swing we won't need for another few months, I decided to take matters into my own hands when he left for work today!

Jill, as usual, is the "Project Manager" as she has to be overseeing it all. She's gotten so very interested in all the baby items that are coming into our house... Guess it's a good thing to start her getting used to them now anyways.

Jack, of course, just had to be around for the touch ability factor. That's all he cares about, now anyways. haha!

And this is how we started... With the swing apart and 11 pages worth of instructions staring me in the face. Took a deep breath and started!

But only 40 minutes later and wa-lah! We have a properly working swing that I assembled ALL BY MYSELF! :-) My 20 year old "Lindsey Doll" has the pleasure of testing out all our baby equipment and she seems to find it just nice. {Although I think Jill would beg to differ on her belonging in there...} :-)

I really like that the toy tray can be completely removed as well as the hanging toys, "mosquito net", and the seat cover for easy wash ability or just because. It has the coolest light show and the music can be turned up and down or just off completely. It has a pretty quiet motor too with a rhythmic sound to it that would put me to sleep! :-)

Oh, you want to know what swing it is?? :-) It's the Fisher Price Cradle Swing Starlight Purple. Oh and the purple I mentioned earlier? It's got tough competition as their is also a lot of blue making it pretty darn gender neutral. I will proudly put my baby girl or boy in the swing!

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Look at you Rockstar! I like it!!