Friday, August 27, 2010

Fall is coming!!!

One of my three favorite times of year!!! {I could totally go without Summer and yet we are moving to Florida... How's that make sense!? Oh yes, family not weather.}

I LOVE... The smell. The colors. The temperature. The foods of fall {err, just Pumpkin actually}. The cozy feelings houses suddenly have. I love getting in the shower on a crisp fall morning and just standing under the water to warm up. I love having a reason to drink hot cocoa. I love listening to the sound of leaves crackling under foot. I love sweaters and jackets and long sleeved clothes and hats and mittens and scarves. I love everything fall entails!!!

How do I know it's coming?! Panera Bread is serving Pumpkin Muffins again and boy are they delicious!!!!!!! :-) And my toes are getting cold at night again... And the sun is getting lazy about coming up/going down again... And it just feels like Fall is coming! But I gotta say, the Pumpkin Muffins give it away!

This is hubby and I Halloween 2009 in front of this huge tree in our yard... My mom had spent a couple of days with us, err, me, as I was having a REALLY difficult time walking around with empty arms and empty womb while it seemed every other person was pregnant around me without a problem. {You know how you just have those days... This was a weekend of those days. Stupid Infertility!} This photo documents heartache and hope. To think that this year we will be so close {or already} holding our baby in front of this same tree is just wild to think about!

2 comments: said...

I love autumn too!!

Anonymous said...

Aw man, you'll be driving away from the fall weather! Bummer! At least all of the Panera's you pass on your move will have the muffins you desire. ;)

That is a great picture of you and DH. I love when the leaves start changing, but in my yard I could do without them falling off of the trees. LOL! We have many pics from last year during our infertility battle and mostly they are drunk pictures. Don't think of me as a complete alcoholic or anything, I guess those are just the times the cameras were out.

I am so happy that you and I both will have a baby in our arms by this Christmas! I am feeling overprotective of her already. To be honest I wish we were moving AWAY from family. LOL! Want to just trade houses? ;-) We have a lovely place in Roswell. Whereabouts are you moving in FL?