Friday, August 6, 2010

Best Dream, hands down!

I've always been one to have {and remember} a ton of my dreams. Most of them are completely crazy but hilarious at the same time. One of my most vivid dreams from my childhood that I still, for some crazy reason, remember to this day is a dream of me dancing with Michael Jackson on an overpass in my hometown. I was wearing this crazy purple and orange outfit and Michael Jackson had on purple pants too. {I have never even liked this guy so for me to dream about him is just humorous!} See? Craziness!

Charles tells me it's because I smoke dope... I say well, it makes the dreams so neat! haha!
(No, I do not nor have I ever smoked dope or any other illegal drug)

Last night I had the best dream ever, Hands Down! In the past I've dreamed about our baby in a vague sense. Long before we ever got pregnant. Sometimes it was a boy. Sometimes it was a girl. Sometimes it was a baby we adopted. Sometimes I knew I gave birth. Sometimes I had no clue where this baby came from. The only physical characteristic I saw about these babies was that they had dark hair. {I am convinced, always have been, that we are going to have dark haired kids for some reason} Last night was different...

So I had given birth and not met baby yet or anything. I insisted I go home to sleep and would come back later while Charles stayed with the baby in the hospital. After my well rested sleep, I am walking down the hall and see Charles holding our new baby. I start bawling my eyes out. He hands me our baby and I can see features perfectly! Baby looks at me with the most beautifully bright deep blue colored big eyes. I kiss its long skinny nose and am in absolute awe of the little amount of hair, yep, still dark colored though.

I ask Charles what it is as I still do not know if it's a girl or a boy. He tells me to look at the diaper. I go to pull out the diaper to see if we have a turtle or a hamburger and he says "No, look AT the diaper". It is a camouflage cloth diaper. I assume boy? Or maybe hard core girl? I dunno and never got a straight answer.

I felt such intense love for this little human being even in my dream. The eyes captivated me. So alert and beautiful and big. Even now, just recalling the dream, I am overcome by the same feelings of intense love for this little baby still inside me. I am so excited to see if I have been given a glimpse of what our baby will indeed look like or if my imagination is completely off base!

3 comments: said...

i had dreams about my daughter while I was pregnant. The first dream I had was that she was a girl and my dh's first dream about the baby was that she was a girl. and here she is.

Just wait until you meet your baby and hold him/her. It's life changing..

squirrelgirl said...

Definitely beats dreaming about Michael Jackson!!!

Jessica said...

What a great dream! I have very vivid dreams too..its crazy how real they feel sometimes!!