Wednesday, August 25, 2010

30 Weeks Batman!

I've made it to 30 weeks! I cannot believe it! I am so thankful, every. single. day., for this baby and while I cannot wait to finally see his/her little face, I do not want to let go of feeling baby move inside me!

I've been asked several times this last week if I am ready for the pregnancy to be over yet? Ummmm, NO! I am savoring each and every movement, even the occasional painful ones, and watching my belly go crazy as I giggle in awe. Even when laying wide awake at night unable to get comfortable occasionally, I can't help but smile feeling baby inside me trying to get comfortable too.

I assure you, my friends who are still waiting for such a precious moment of your own, that I think about and pray for you often and it is for you and every other women going thru infertility that I treasure these moments as I remember...

I still find myself dumbfounded that this is not a dream and that we still have so much yet so little to do to be "ready" for baby's arrival! Charles and I were just discussing this- How we tried for four years to get pregnant but never really knew what we would do when that day actually happened! We spent all our time and energy on trying to get pregnant that it seemed like why worry about the after part if it never happens! We laugh about that now.

Only 10 weeks to go, if baby stays put, until our due date of November 3!

4 comments: said...


I hope the weeks pass slowly so that you can enjoy every kick :)

The babe will be here before you know it and change your life more than you ever thought possible

T said...

Man I know what you mean about spending all that time and energy getting pregnant. Once you are it is like whoa....what do I do next?!

Happy 30 weeks! Cherish these last couple months! I already know you are :O)

Jilly said...

Woohoo for 30 weeks! I can't wait for our November babies to start arriving, but I am also enjoying being pregnant SO much!

I wonder if you might have a Halloween baby?! ;)

Ashley D said...

Happy 30 weeks!!!