Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Fertile 40's"

Yesterday I was lucky enough to catch one of the gossip shoes {TMZ, Access Hollywood, etc} and a segment was done on these celebrities who were "Fertile beyond 40". One had three kids between 40 and 47!

I couldn't help but automatically attribute their success to ART. So many of them had twins too. {I understand twins are more likely the older you are but they also are more likely when you transfer two embryos, or more, during IVF or have an IUI with multiple mature follicles.} I just wish, for the sake of all infertiles, that these celebrities would tell the whole story. To give hope to those who for whatever reason, will not pursue ART to conceive as well as giving hope to those who are pursuing ART to conceive. Both sides need encouragement.

How many of them used embryo or egg donation?
Did they go thru IVF and maybe PGD to transfer only the healthy embryos?
What percent of these "Fertile after 40" celebrities really and truly conceived 100% with the old fashioned sex-at-home without any intervention what so ever?

I know for myself being in my early 20's thru our infertility journey, I found it rather frustrating to hear celebrity story after story on this 40+ celebrity who is pregnant. I was, after all, in my prime time of fertility yet I could not conceive and they had no problem. Frustrated the living crap out of me! And then I began to accept that they have this image to portray for whatever reason, and maybe if it came out that their children are not biologically theirs {embryo or egg donation?} that a stigma would be attached. I just wish now, for the sake of women I know who are late 30's and into their 40's that so long to be parents for the first or more time that the whole story would be told... Maybe one day.

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Jessica said...

I totally agree with you!!