Monday, July 26, 2010

Blogger, web hosting, and backgrounds. Oh My!

I took the "nudge" that the previous background I had was cancelled and pulled out my hair figuring up another one. I am SO not savvy in this department! So what do you think?? I wanted color but not overwhelming in that no one would read my two cents I type out every so often. :-) If it's difficult to read or anything, let me know and I'll make some changes.

I guess I've been on this kick anyways... I've been searching and googling and scowling the world wide web to find just the perfect web hosting site for the new Lost Stork Foundation website in the makings (it's on paper). The current web hosting company I use,, I am happy with but at the same time I only have an "under construction" page so that we could secure the domain names we wanted... When I called today to ask questions I find out that you are only allowed to use their generic options (although a very generous selection, still they are stock) and have to pay a premium to have access to the html for personalization.

Anyone have any suggestions/personal recommendations on web hosting sites??? Ideally, I would like to go somewhere and stay there as I am not savvy (remember reading above?) in this area and only want to learn one program! That is, until we can afford to pay someone who can do it blindly... But for me, it is just I to scream at the computer and spend hours on end learning how to do one stinking thing. ;-) But I am super excited to get the real Lost Stork website up and running here soon!!!

And on that note, I must get back to figuring out more technical stuff.

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T said...

Hey girl! It has been awhile. I like the new background. I wish I could give you some help for the Lost Stork site, but I am clueless.

Thank you for continuing to stop by and root me on through this journey. I was hoping someday You, Jessica, and I could have a playdate. However, it sounds as though you will be moving away soon. I am so glad that I met you and was able to share in this journey with you. I love through blogging that we will still be able to catch up. Please promise to continue your blog once Baby Swan is here. I cannot wait to see pictures of that little miracle!