Tuesday, July 27, 2010

99 Bottles of Beer...

Err. We'll have to stock up on the Beer for hubby's nerves during the screaming fits that are bound to happen! {Taking donations.... :-)}

I can't believe I'm in double digit countdown until baby's due date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!

99 days...

99 days to November 3.
99 days, if baby doesn't come early.
99 days, if baby isn't so comfy it hangs out awhile longer.
99 days left to enjoy the time of just hubby and I.
99 days to complete my "to do" list for Lost Stork Foundation.
99 days to get the nursery where you can at least see the floor.
99 days to pack up the house of the non essentials.
99 days to finish getting the essentials for baby.
99 days left of having baby all to myself.
99 days left of guessing if baby is a boy or a girl.
99 days before I am what I've always dreamed of being, a real life full time mommy!

99 days...

Seems like it's tomorrow yet forever away at the same time. I do not want to rush it but at the same time, I am so excited for it to be here.


99 days!


squirrelgirl said...

Congrats on another awesome milestone! Believe me, it will fly by and you will not likely get all the things done that you'd like. But what I learned with Miss K is that as long as you have diapers/wipes, some clothes and a place for the baby to sleep safely, the rest of it doesn't really matter - as tired as you will be, you will sometimes look for things to do. That's an ideal time to catch up on computer stuff, packing, etc.

T said...

99 days! Wow, down to two digits! The time really has flown by. Cherish every moment!!!

Jessica said...

You have waited 4 LONG years for this baby and now you only have 99 days till you meet your little one!! How exciting!!!