Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I felt baby!

This past Thursday, May 27, I felt baby move for the first official time! {I thought I had felt baby at about week 14 and once again at around week 16 but figured since the spacing was so far out that it was just gas or something. ha!}

Charles and I were watching TV this evening when I suddenly sat up straight due to this new feeling and blurted to Charles that I just felt baby move! The look on his face, priceless! He was so excited and said it makes it seem much more real for me to say I feel baby physically other than only feeling baby with the throwing up still happening. :-) Oh I can't wait for the day that he can feel baby in my tummy too!

I have felt baby at least once a day since and love the reassurance that baby is doing a okay in there! The second day, it felt like baby did a summer sault in my tummy but it was up to down instead of down to up, if that makes sense. Oh how I love love love love love being able to feel baby move and the reassurance that gives {so maybe nausea will go away now that I have a new reassurance??? hahaha!}

Now if only I could get the dream I had this past weekend that our baby was a hermaphrodite out of my head, all would be good... It's been severe enough that I may fall prey to finding out what we're having just to have the reassurance that all is good with baby!


Heather said...

When I was pregnant w/Meg, I can remember that I felt her best (in those early days) when I was curled up in a ball on the couch. Once, the doorbell rang as I lay there, and she was moving so much . . . I couldn't make myself get up and answer the door. The feeling was just TOO amazing! With Kate, I felt it earlier (as they say you do), and it was just as exciting.

It is the most amazing experience! The movement is so reassuring, I know. It made it seem all the more REAL for me. Wait until you and Charles can lie down together, stare down at your big bump, and WATCH your tummy move!! So many more exciting things ahead -- this is only the beginning :)

studentrntiffany said...

Congrats on the big milestone!!

Angie Chapman said...

I'm so happy you can feel the little one in there! Feeling your baby move never gets old.. painful sometimes (their toes in your ribs is quite uncomfortable!) but fun. =)
I agree with Heather.. Getting to watch your belly move will be fun too! I always got a kick (no pun intended) out of drinking some juice, lying on my back and watching my belly roll.
Enjoy this... it's one of the things I miss about being pregnant!!

Jessica said...

How exciting!! I bet that is an amazing feeling!!

squirrelgirl said...

♥♥♥ Love feeling the baby move! ♥♥♥ I have awesome video of Miss K practicing her kickboxing moves, and she loves to watch it, so don't be afraid to take video so you can relive the feeling and share it with the baby later.

Re: the dream - pregnancy dreams are notoriously weird and vivid. Don't worry at all about it, and don't let it sway you from your Team Green decision if you really want the surprise at birth.

Lisa said...

So fun!! Everything except your weird dream...and do you know the weirdest thing? When I read that I remembered a dream I had at some point recently...I also had a baby that was a hermaphrodite!! I didn't remember it until you mentioned your dream. How weird is that???

T said...

Oh what an amazing feeling that must be! I am so happy for you!!

As far as the dream, my sis kept having a dream where she delivered a cat. I am happy to report there were no wiskers and my nephew is absolutely gorgeous and ALL boy...just thought that might help :O)

mom said...

You WILL miss BeBe moving around in your belly after Bebe is born. And I agree with Squirrelgirl...stay strong in your decision to wait for the BIG SURPRISE!