Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

This year is different. To see my husband under a different light. No. We may not hold our baby in our arms, yet, but I surely feel baby daily now which makes it so different to me. Father's Day has always been hard on Charles just as Mother's Day for me. He sees other dads and wants it so much it hurts too. So, I figured this was just as good as any reason to list some of the reasons why I'm so excited I get to raise a child with Charles!

He's funny. Quirky sometimes but always making me laugh. I can see so many ways that he is going to instigate our child to get into things and make me laugh all that much harder.

He's got such a big heart. I cannot wait to see this manly man husband of mine comforting this tiny child and to watch them bond over the years.

To share with a {daughter} how a man is to treat the one he loves in hopes that she will stay very far away from the boys who would diminish her as a women.

To share with a {son} the way in which he is to treat a girl that he cares about by showing her respect and to be comfortable in who he is regardless of what others may say.

I have seen Charles play and wrestle with many friends kids and kids I have watched over the years, I cannot wait to see his interaction with our kids. How will it be similar? Different?

I cannot wait to see the proud look on his face the first time he holds our child and watch that same proud look be repeated many times over the years as our children grow up.

I will remember every man today that is on the journey to Fatherhood, wanting and waiting along with presently a father.

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