Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"I Can't Wait To Meet You"

I'm not sure what I think about this book really... Maybe if I read it I could have a better stance. But maybe not.

Really though. I never remember questioning my mom if I was born via fertility treatments or not. Is a child knowing he/she was conceived naturally or with any amount of fertility treatments really necessary??? {I can totally understand surrogacy and adoption, embryo included...} It's not like children conceived via fertility treatments all have a third eye or something distinguishable to their physical body. In my thoughts, if it comes up {especially when they are older and talking about their own family} that is great. Otherwise, is it really useful information or just something to make them feel like they are 'different' and thus feel more awkward during those lovely childhood years?

So what do you think??? Plan to share with your child how he/she came to be {regardless of the method!} in all the glory it is??? Oh do tell....

I Can't Wait to Meet You, the book.


Heather Dahlby said...

I have no quams letting Meg know how much we wanted her and how lucky we were to find doctors to help us along the way. I don't think it will make her feel any different . . . what I wonder is if it will make Kate (conceived naturally) feel different because we did not go through the same thing for her.

I think my girls are each a precious gift from God. One came with assistance, one came on her own. How lucky are we?!

Ray and Chrissy said...

I am not sure it's important even if they are adopted, born via IVF with DS or DE. I personally think if they ask it would be something but if they don't ask why bring it up?

That being said I agree with Heather that letting your child know how much they were wanted can only make them feel good about themselves. No matter what circumstances led to his/her conception.

TwoDogMama said...

We are planning on certainly sharing with our child how much they were wanted, prayed for, and loved by many people - and how everyone was involved in the adoption process. We would do the same thing in a heartbeat if our IVF's had worked, if we had used donor eggs or sperm, donor embryo's, etc. Every child has a story of how they came to be and some children's stories are just a little more different and exciting than others! Hope you are feeling and doing well.