Saturday, April 3, 2010

...For Fun...

I think it's fun to do these {and put absolutely no weight into them!} so we'll see early November if it's guessed 50/50 chance is right! :-)

And now it's time to go pack... Yes. We are moving, again. We must find a new place to move into by July. Packing now as I imagine it's going to take some time longer for me to pack now than before when I had all the energy in the world and was not throwing up. :-)

Last bit before going...

Thanks to all the name suggestions! :-) Andrew is top on the list as that's Charles' middle name but I don't just love Carter Andrew. I'm just glad it's only the first boy's name that we're sticking with C.A. initials! This is too difficult to find a name we just absolutely love. And Madelyn Marie is liked but nixed as that's our newest niece's middle name {Allyson Marie}. I like Madelyn Grace but since I'm not exactly graceful I would hate to pass on my ungracefulness and yet name her Grace. That'd just be the butt of too many jokes. haha! But then again, maybe she'd live up to her namesake??

So needless to say, you can keep the name suggestions coming! :-)

Have a great Easter Weekend and let's take time to reflect on Jesus' death and rising from the dead. What an amazing and humbling testimony!


squirrelgirl said...

I got "boy", too. We shall see - Miss K is totally convinced she's having a baby sister...won't even entertain the notion of a brother!

The Millers said...

Awww...little Carter! I love it!

Yes, to answer your question my abdomen is feeling pretty tender these days! The bloat...uhh is bad. Someone asks me if I am pregnant I may go postal on their ass!

Gotta love the stims!! said...

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