Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The test!

Part Three...

The moment that would forever change our lives. It, thankfully, turned into a day long event!

I was awake at 6:30am having to pee of course. Charles still laying in bed trying to enjoy the last few moments of slumber on this beautiful Friday we had off together. I got my little cup that was sitting next to the home pregnancy tests I laid out the night before as I knew this would be the big day. Still not expecting a positive, I half asleep filled the little cup. I decided to dip the digital first just for the heck of it. That was the longest 30 seconds ever! The hour glass just continued to flash so I kept turning my head away trying to pass time. When I looked back and saw the word "PREGNANT" I lost my jaw and was taken aback in complete disbelief. Still sitting on the toilet in too much disbelief as to actually stand up, I began inspecting that digital looking for the NOT in the same manner I had inspected darn line tests so many times in the hopes of seeing that elusive line!

Still sitting on the toilet {and no, I was not going number 2, just too dumbfounded to move!} and being quiet with a slight giggle I dipped the Wal-mart brand test in the cup. Before I could even lay it flat on the side of the tub it was positive! So positive I had to do not squinting. I did not have to pick it up and twist it at a certain angle to see. The line was there, about the same darkness if not more than the control line! I had to continue referencing the "Pregnant/Not Pregnant" icons on the side to make sure it was indeed pregnant! It was then that the tears started flowing and the shaking started. The tears turned to sobs as I sat there {on the toilet} holding the tests trying to form words to tell Charles. I was able to get out, "honey" in a cracked small voice. He sat up in bed and said, "what?" in the most concerned way possible. I said, "we're pregnant" and then "come look". He was in there in a moment and having a look for himself as I'm still sitting on the toilet sobbing with tears of joy! He then hugged me {yes, I'm still on toilet} and it was the most intimate moment and wrong in so many ways yet the most perfect moment at the same time.

When I finally had the ability to stand up, I wanted to yell it from the roof tops and call everyone we knew yet wanted so badly to tell our parents in person so had to restrain. Instead, we decided to head out to breakfast and get in to see a Dr today! We went to IHOP and although the food is delicious, it was so weird eating and knowing that we were finally pregnant. It was our first breakfast with the knowledge that we were going to be parents!

I called Dr. Pearlstone's office and was pretty much told that because it was not a treatment cycle nor was I officially under his care yet that I needed to get in touch with my OB/Gyn. So I called Dr. S's office. I was immediately told to come in so we can draw blood to check my hCG and Progesterone levels. Of course we were in there forever as that's just how his office works. But thankfully we were in there forever as the office manager insisted that though Dr. S was not "in" today, he was coming in to see another patient and she wanted me to stay and get an early ultrasound to start the monitoring process. Okay by me, even though my legs needing shaving in the worst way possible!

When we were finally seen, Dr. S asked if this was all natural. I said absolutely! And he gave me a big ole' hug and Charles a high five! It was so perfect! We saw a beautiful gestational sac on the screen and then were given our baby's first photo!!! It was so reassuring to rule out an etopic pregnancy as I have been so fearful of one although I have no reason so be. Then we talked about to Heparin or just stay on Baby Aspirin... He wants me on Heparin I want to try Baby Aspirin. He's letting me have my way and said he hopes to be positively proven wrong... I sure hope we have made the right decision. We were then instructed that we'll have weekly ultrasounds at least for the next two weeks to verify things are progressing as they should.

As we were leaving, Dr. Pearlstone's office called and said they wanted me to come in for all the blood tests and a multiple loss panel. I'd already had that done. All of it. I told them no that I was comfortable as is where we are now and thanked them.

My levels at 17 days past ovulation were hCG 1,381 and P4 15.72 - and on 20 days past ovulation it was 4,908 and P4 17.4!!! The hCG is doubling every 1.63 days!

We had our second ultrasound at 5w 1d and it showed a beautiful growing gestational sac with a perfect yoke sac in it! We're hoping next week at 6w 1d we are lucky enough to see/hear the heartbeat but know it's a bit early too... :-)

I will share photos once we hear/see the heartbeat!!!!


Maureen said...

So amazing Meghan!! We are so thrilled for you and Charles!! What an absolute blessing! :o)

Jessica said...

I was laughing so hard about the fact that you couldn't get up from the toliet, and that Charles gave you a hug while still on the toliet!! What great story.

I can't wait to see the ultrasound pics!!

Ray and Chrissy said...

I am so very happy for you!!! I knew your moment would come! H&H 9 months!

And, even though I suffered morning sickness, the world's worst heartburn, not being able to sleep and having PIH the last month of my pregnancy- I was so very thankful every moment of it and when Clara was born it was the best day of my life! And totally worth all of the "pain" I went through to get her.

FYI, I started taking pictures at 6 weeks (after we saw her little heartbeat) until the day before I went to the hospital to be induced! Take LOTS of pictures during this time, you'll enjoy seeing them later (so will others).

I am really thrilled for you and Charles!!

Cathy said...

How fun!! Love hearing even the most bathroom-oriented of details, strangely enough :D

squirrelgirl said...

I was laughing and crying at the same time while reading this post. Thanks for sharing! I agree w/Chrissy - take lots of pics. You can even video the u/s screen if they'll let you. Wonderful memories!!!

Hillary said...

Aw, sweetie, I am still celebrating with you! What a miracle!