Friday, March 12, 2010

Telling the in-laws {Charles' folks}!!!

Since Charles was already planning to visit his parents the weekend of March 5, 6, & 7 we held out telling them until he at least was able to do so in person even though I was unable to be there.

I wrapped up the grandparent brag photo book, the same one my mom and dad received. Charles started out by prepping them and telling them that we would be unable to go to Georgia for a week over Thanksgiving again this year due to "scheduling conflicts". Funny. {I've already proclaimed that we will not be traveling with a three week old for Thanksgiving and we won't be traveling at all over Christmas}

So he sits his parents down to give them the present that I worked so hard on making it special. :-) They opened and were completely surprised! The excitement! Both of them were so over joyed with emotion with the news of our highly anticipated and long awaited baby! I so wish I could have been there to share in this special moment...

Our baby is certainly not going to be lacking love or any of their wants between the three sets of grandparents who will be fighting over time with him/her! This baby is already thoroughly spoiled!!! :-)

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