Sunday, March 28, 2010

Half Off.

I have this new theory... I know. You're amused already. I know. I am. :-)

I am pulling that if you are pregnant, especially in your first trimester, you should be allowed to buy all foods {fast food, restaurants, gas station, grocery store, etc} at half the cost. It should be a Doctor's order so no one can take complete advantage of it...


You see. In my experience and many others that I know, one does not enjoy the full "life cycle" the food is intended to take when eating. Instead, it is often thrown up shortly after ingesting.

*Side note- I am in no way complaining about throwing up! I am actually thoroughly enjoying it as I'm finally pregnant! No. What I am complaining about is the amount of money wasted on food now!

So back to my thoughts.

I've already written off eating out as it's more expensive overall and even more so when I have to eat again so soon after because I recently threw up everything I just spent $15 eating...

What do you think? Think it'll ever pass??? hahaha! Nah!

Instead, we'll spend the money we were saving for meds and such for our next treatment cycle on food! :-)

I love being pregnant!!!!

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squirrelgirl said...

LOL! I love your logic!