Saturday, February 6, 2010

Countdown Weekly! {Lost Stork Update!}

This is solely a Lost Stork Foundation update post for those interested! :-)

Everything is together, except the recipes! YAY!!! The format. The symbols. The font. The colors. The dividers. The amount to order. The option of submitting recipes. The binder. The cookbook itself. Yes. Many decisions. Who knew?! All done. Well. Except two things.

The first and most important is needing recipes still!!!! Our goal is 175... Yes, I'm still asking {not yet to the begging stage} for recipes from anyone and everyone that wishes to help couples ease the financial burden fertility treatments and adoption costs bring. Spread the word. Ask others to submit recipes on behalf of you or someone else that has been touched by Adoption or Infertility.

We're looking for recipes for just about anything, really. Appetizers. Main dishes. Casseroles. Desserts. Baby food prep meals/ideas and other kid friendly courses. Vegetarian. Gluten/Wheat free. Pickling. Jams. Breads. Whatever you make time and time again for you and your family, would be just what we are looking for!

Just e-mail them to and please be sure to include your name and location! And watch the count grow/decrease on the right side of the page just above the Lost Stork Foundation Button you will find a count which will be updated weekly with how many recipes we have and how many we are still looking for!

Thank you to those that have already submitted recipes!!!! You've kept me motivated and excited about this project! :-)

More cookbook news.

We need a cookbook cover. I refuse to buy a 'stock' cover as I want the logo and all on the cover! :-) So. Anyone have any suggestions on programs to use or ideas??? My creativity tank is empty right now... Heck, if you're interested in doing one {for charity after all or a nominal fee} e-mail me {} and let's talk! We have until the recipes are submitted but it's not something I want to wait until last minute on either and thus have it reflect that.

Changing topics yet still on Lost Stork...

I mentioned in another post if anyone knew how to make chocolates from a mold and such. It's something to do with Lost Stork and I'd love to chat with you about it to see if we could not play around with an idea for the near future... :-) I'm so excited about this!!! I mean. Chocolate + Lost Stork Foundation = happy Meghan! ha!

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squirrelgirl said...

Once upon a time I did chocolates and mints from a mold. Piece of cake. I e-mailed you 2 recipes.