Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wanted! Your Recipes! :-)

The first official fundraiser is underway for Lost Stork Foundation!!!! :-)

Quick background... I have started Lost Stork Foundation in hopes of providing financial assistance to couples going thru fertility treatments or adopting. Since we are still in the ‘baby stages’, it is still just a lot of paperwork but with the reality getting closer and closer. Our first Annual fundraiser/awareness event is tentatively set for November 2010!

In hopes of helping couples sooner than later, we are putting together a cookbook to include recipes from all over the world! Infertility and adoption know no boundaries so why should we limit the recipes collected? We will include a map indicating where all the recipes have come from as well, uniting all of us who know someone that has had their lives touched personally by infertility or adoption!

Would you please help us along by submitting at least two recipes, the more the better though! Include the ingredients along with exact measurements. Step by step instructions for making. How long to cook for and at what temperature. Please also be sure to include your Name, Location {State/Providence/Territory and Country}, and what the recipe is for {appetizer, main course, dessert, etc} along with any other information you believe important.
E-mail, preferably one recipe at a time, and include the recipe name in the Subject line. I will notify you when the cookbooks go on sale! And please feel free to share with others you know. The more the better!!

Thank you!!


The Millers said...

What a wonderful idea!! I LOVE the Lost Stork Foundation and can't wait to watch it grow! I am already trying to decide what recipe to give :O)

Christa said...

I would like to mention your new organization on my blog post, Saving Money on Infertility. Are you a non-profit yet or still establishing that?

[cre] said...

WOW what a fantastic idea!! I found you through Stirrup Queen's Lost & Found!! I will be sending some recipes your way!! I will also request that my family and friends do the same (in my honor of course!) I currently run a non-profit (completely unrelated to infertility) and if you need any assistance or have any questions about the 501(c)3 or whatever else, please don't hesitate to ask!! Good luck hun!

Expectant Duck said...

fabulous idea - sorta odd I actually thought of this the other day! Will try and email recipes this weekend.