Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our week in Georgia

Spending this week in Georgia was filled with so many emotions. Saying Goodbye, saying hello, and celebrating a new adventure in life!

I am so grateful we were able to head to Georgia... Seeing my Aunt and how she remains to be such a strong woman was what I needed. She continues to talk of the future. Of traveling. She loved my Uncle so much and they lived life without regrets that perhaps it made it easier to say goodbye on this earth knowing that they will be reunited again in Heaven? I enjoyed spending time with my cousins, one of whom I had not seen in years... Surprisingly, we have a lot in common and I wish we were able to spend more time with her.

The funeral was beautiful. The pastor came to tell the family that they had never seen so many people at one time in the church nor that many cars in the parking lot... Uncle J was loved and will be missed. The amazing thing were the age ranges attending. Some teens to very elderly all came to show respect. But my favorite part... When they spoke of his love for cars, it brought back fond memories. If you were with him for longer than 1/2 a second, you learned about this love. When Charles and I saw them over Thanksgiving, it was the first thing he asked us. If we wanted to see his new car. :-) He had something like 36 over his lifetime. Passionate about each one too.

My Aunt shared some special encouragement with me just before we left... Too special to share with you all! :-) Let's just say that her and my Uncle have proved to be the type of marriage Charles and I want. 'Till Death do them part was exactly how they lived. We are forever thankful for our get together over Thanksgiving...

It was so very hard though sitting there looking at my cousins both in their 30's as being fatherless while sitting right next to mine. To think of loosing my dad (or mom) at such a young age just brings me to tears. This was very hard for me. I miss my parents like crazy... Every single stinking goodbye between us, I cry. It sucks. I am so blessed to have my parents still and treasure them immensely.

I was also able to spend a couple of hours with my dear group of girlfriends {minus one} as we celebrated Baby Eli's one month birthday {God I love snuggling newborns...} and C's engagement! Such exciting times!!! Then I headed to another friend's house for 30 minutes to say Hi/Bye but to at least squeeze her neck in person. :-)

I spend a day with my mom, just her and I. We ate at California Dreaming {YUM YUM YUM!} and went walking around an outlet mall. She picked up more Dr. Seuss books for our "eventual Children" AKA EC. One to include Dr. Seuss travels to Space, the original. More on that tomorrow... It was so nice just mother/daughter time. Then we met up with my MIL and us three girls had dinner together. :-) Not to mention, our first 'unofficial' Lost Stork meeting! {MIL is Secretary, my mom is VP, me Founder} It was exciting!

I was able to see my youngest brother's first apartment and meet his "girl friend". The first one I've ever met... :-) The second youngest brother showed off his motorcycle he's restoring and was able to kick his butt in bowling {he didn't know it but it was the lowest score wins situations. ha!} then eat some Publix cake with my dad and Jodi. Good times...

Charles and I spent time with our nieces... God I miss them................................. The tears. The goodbyes. I hate them! I just want to pack them up in my suitcase and bring them back with me! So much going on in their lives and we're missing every single bit of it. They are growing up way too quickly. Each time we see them, they get like 10 years older! :-(

Family time. Lots of it. What sucked though is we were not away long enough to really miss everyone from our visit over Thanksgiving! hahaha! It's still nice to see those that we did. Maybe we'll get some summer time visitors! :-)

Such a week filled with emotions. Such a week that we were more than ready to embrace the snow and "blizzard like conditions" in some states to get back home. Such a week that we in no way want to relive it. But such a week that we were blessed with as well...

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Melis.sa said...

What a blessing to have such loving family members. I am so sorry for your loss, your Uncle sounded like an amazing man.

Hopefully your family will be making tons of road trips out to see you once this winter breaks.