Thursday, January 28, 2010

Love it!!!

I came across this blog via Nicole's blog and am in absolute love!!! Oh how cute this would be hanging on a nursery wall with babes name... Or in the playroom with clothes pins hanging on the wall. Heck, in a bag on the floor for babes to play with! I LOVE IT!!!!

Rag Quilt Letters. {and the lower case too!}


So. Since I have proven time and time again that I have no creative bone in me, anyone want to hold my hand and do this with me???? :-) Surely they are not that difficult, right??

What do you think about them???


mom said...

I tried to download the pattern, but wasn't able to. If you download them then send them to me, they would be adorable to make. said...

that is such an awesome idea!!