Monday, December 7, 2009

Vitamin D!

***Edited- Thanks so much for your input! I have started taking 2,000iu of D3 along with 500mg of Calcium/Magnesium supplementation to help absorption. I read it can take two months to it to fully get in your system so we'll see what happens. :-)

Melissa, funny you point out that your pregnancies have all been in summer months... Hubby says it makes total sense as that is when nature peaks {all animals reproduce the most then} with reproduction and the sun is at it's highest? Something along those lines anyways. So I'm excited to see what happens with me {any whoever else is jumping on board with me on this! :-)}.

***Original Post-
My mom sent me an e-mail a few days ago full of information when it comes to Vitamin D, or lack there of.

This triggered my own googling fanatic where I found oodles and oodles of information where Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to Infertility. {Everything has been linked to infertility for goodness sakes!}

After much reading, I decided to pull out my incredibly large file I keep on all stuff related to Infertility. I found my previous blood work results and sifted thru.

I then came across all the Thyroid testing I had done back this past Summer.

Ah-ha! I found it! I had been tested for Vitamin D serum levels!

According to the lab it went to, normal levels are 30-100. Everything I had read online says 50 is the lowest normal.

Mine came back at exactly 30. So either way, I am either borderline deficient or very deficient. In learning this, I went straight to the store and picked up Vitamin D along with a Calcium/Magnesium supplement {These are needed for the Vitamin D to absorb properly} and started popping pills!

Do a google search yourself or just check out these links that I found!

Interesting huh??? :-)

7 comments: said...

i should probably go out and get some!! We're in our 4 month gray sky winter :)

Jessica said...

That is so interesting!! Goodness knows we won't be able to get an adequate amount of sun in STL for a while. Thanks for sharing.

Michele said...

My midwife had mentioned this years ago when we were TTC naturally. Especially during winter or if you are indoors a lot, a supplement is important! said...

also, each of my pregnancies was in the late spring/summer-May, June, & July....ordering vitamins now...

mom said...

You are welcome! :) It's for my own selfish reason... I have to do all I can to help bring a baby to you.

Anonymous said...

I'm 17 months post miscarriage--not been pregnant again. My endocrinologist tested my vitamin D level and I was at a 16--She has me on 50,000 units for 4 weeks and then a re-check.

I too am anxious to find out if this will help!

Good luck to you!

The Swann's said...

I'm very excited to follow if anyone has started Vitamin D supplements and if so, how things have changed for you! :-)