Sunday, December 6, 2009

Too many thoughts!

Ever had too much going on in your brain to post about just one topic??? That's about how I feel right now. Which is really why I slacked so much over the last couple of weeks. Honestly.

So much I want to say yet I just do not even know where to begin!

Topics include...

Adoption. Fertility treatments. Vitamin D. Diagnosis'. Diets. Birthdays. Traditions. Christmas. New Years. 2010. Houses. Dogs. Weather. Church. Lost Stork Foundation. Family. Friends. Heartless statements of '09. Impending births. 20 yet not quite 30 but feeling the clock tick. IVF. Surrogacy. Thyroid. Doctors, in particular Dr. S and Dr. P. Insurances. Financial Savings Account amounts. Infertility support group. Books. Photos, yet lack of. Names.

Wow. Now that the topics are written out I feel better that I hopefully will not forget to blog about anything {but I just know I'm forgetting something or a few off that list...} yet overwhelmed by the amount and feel confident in saying that by the time I even get half way thru the list will evolve into more and it'll just grow!!! AH!

So, where to begin? With Adoption? ABC's? Names and just go backwards? Randomized?

I am just putting way too much thought into this so I'll just start.

Hi. My name is Meghan and this is my list of topics on my mind. Any thoughts?? :-)

2 comments: said...

i vote for a nap ;)

Nicole said...

Wow! How do you sleep at night with all that floating around in your mind? I bet you don't ;)
I don't know where to start, but you better get it in writing now before your ideas change. Probably my most valuable possession throughout IF has been my journal. I LOVE to read back and hear what I thought at various stages throughout the last 4.5 years.
I'd suggest starting with the longest entries/topics first :) Good luck!