Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Leading the Way

As you all know, we have an appointment with a new RE in 1 month, 3 weeks, and 4 days. {Not that I'm keeping a countdown or anything} We're very excited about this appointment and I have already decided that even if I *miraculously* end up pregnant before hand, I'm still going to the appointment as it's too dag gum difficult to get in as a new patient!

In this whole waiting time, hubby and I have been anxious to get the ball rolling. To do SOMETHING, now. I took it upon myself yesterday to call Dr. Ahlering's office, from The Sher Institute, and just verify if they take our new insurance... The coordinator I spoke with said YES! I had to control my squeals to semi loud as the boys were napping upstairs. haha! So I was e-mailed (I love the 'high techy' feel of the office using e-mail and the web for communication!) *another* new patient file to fill out and send back. I have a phone consult with Dr. Ahlering on December 23 at 4pm!

{Why Ahlering? Well, I know three people that have been to him and all three are pregnant! Cathy pregnancy and TTC Blog, Maureen, and J! Not to mention the numerous amount of couples that travel from all over the world to see him...}

So I'm telling Cathy about our appointment and asking what she suggests I should ask and all when she informs me that one year ago this month they had their consult with him... Then she looks. December 23 exactly was their first consult with him as well!!! How crazy is that???? I would be ecstatic if we followed suit with any of these three ladies IVF cycles!

Yesterday I needed to get a little more hope as it was such a good/bad day all day long! The day before, a dear friend had her baby girl! Congrats Cindy and Robbie on your baby girl Hadley!!! Yesterday a long time friend, Erin had her baby boy! Congrats Erin and Nate on your baby boy Eli!!! Another friend, A, sent me a photo of her latest u/s of the twins she naturally conceived while on BCP...

But thankfully, I was able to talk to an IF Sister, Traci! She is such a blessing in my life! We have been to some of the same Doctors and boy can the stories just flow! haha! Mostly bad so they won't be shared... It was just nice to talk to someone right then who understood the good/bad day I had had. I imagine she felt the same after the experience she had yesterday! {Once she posts about that event you'll so have to read it as it is almost amusing how insane it was!!!}

Tonight, I am meeting up with Jessica, someone I just recently met via the blogging world. I'm so excited to just chat and share life with her! We have quite a bit in common on paper so this should be exciting. :-)

Can I just say how absolutely wonderful it is to have other infertiles in my life!!! It is nice to read other's blogs, to know people via the WWW but it is so much different having that person sitting across from you. To give/get a hug and feel that you are truly cared about. Other infertiles, people who understand. Truly. If I just make the single statement, 'someone *else* is pregnant'. No need to explain why it hurts so bad. No need to fear being thought of as a selfish and ungrateful woman. Instead I know without any said words that they understand. It is an unsaid language that millions, unfortunately, speak.

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Cathy said...

Hey Meghan! Sorry I didn't call you back last night. We went to get our Christmas tree right after work and the night was filled with decorating up until bedtime. I hope you enjoy your night tonight! Oh, and the only other thing I'd like to recommend, since I see you have a phone consult with Dr. A, is that, if possible, I would recommend a face-to-face with him. I say this only because it made me feel extra good to sit in front of him and see his body language (always nice when you meet anyone for the first time), but more because I really felt like I got more of his undivided attention when we were in his office. Once I did a follow-up with him over the phone and felt like maybe he was trying to multi-task a bit more than when I was in his office. Essentially, I'd love to make sure you and Charles get a good first take of him and get all the answers you're needing. Just my opinion though. I know that sometimes it's hard to make it to the office and all. Either way, I can't wait to hear how it goes!! Catch up with you more later for sure! ~Cathy