Saturday, December 5, 2009

For All Children.

I came across this video today. So powerful. So amazing I watched it twice back to back. I have worked with children for a very very long time. I am currently a nanny for twin one year old boys. Although only one, their temperaments are already blooming right along with their sweet little personalities. I have a huge impact on them. I do not take it lightly, that is for sure, because I have seen first hand what children do and say when their parents/caregivers do not realize the impact they have on the child. Everything from learning the words they say to the actions they have. This video is just one of the many reminders that they do, and will, absorb every single thing you do and say. Like it or not.

I have been told numerous times that I lived a "sheltered life". That may be so from others perspective but I believe it was the best like for me.

I did not hear curse words from my parents, other family members, or TV. The occasional slip up occurred but we knew better than to repeat it. I did not see alcohol but a few occasions. I was shown only love for others, regardless of our different backgrounds. We were expected to use our manners, at all times. My parents did for others what they could- Made dinners. Helped fix items. Opened our house for others to have a roof over their heads too. Watched others children. Whatever my parents could do to help out, they would. My home was filled with lots of laughter. Lots of love. And lots of fond memories. Every child deserves this.

And for this reason, I want to do the same for our children. People will talk. People will disagree. People will put down. That is okay. As my mother in law says, Charles and I have the right to make our own decisions and mistakes for our children just as every other parent has had the same right.

I love seeing Charles go out of his way to help an elderly or disabled person in the grocery store reach an item, open a door, or load an item. Charles is very polite and has great manners as well. Why yes, I do not believe myself or Charles is perfect, I try to find the positive aspects that I love and hope are passed right along to our children. I know the good and bad go together but hope that our children get mostly the good from each of us.

So for anyone and everyone that has any impact at all on a child, please remember that they are little sponges and absorb every single thing you do and say!

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Nicole said...

(Haven't watched the video yet because I wanted to comment before I got distracted)
But I completely agree with this post. Kids will soak up EVERYTHING. I also lived a 'sheltered' life like what you described, and I think it was fabulous. DH and I will try our best to provide the same loving and gentle atmosphere at home for our children that we had. :)