Monday, November 30, 2009

Two freaking minutes!

The new RE, Dr. P, that we have had scheduled since October to see has a waiting list. Once all your paper work is turned in, they put you on a list and when a cancellation comes up, you are called in order on the list as a first come, first serve basis.

Today, just like any other day. Babies {it's the last day I can call them babies as they turn 1 tomorrow! WOW!} were down for their morning nap. 11:45am came, they woke, I went to get them. After trying to {what felt like} catch two greased pigs {AKA- change and dress two extremely mobile boys}, we headed back downstairs.

I heard the alert beep from my cell. Check it. I had a voicemail from an unknown number... They had called at 11:47am {TWO FREAKING MINUTES!} The voicemail was from a very sweet sounding lady from Dr. P's office saying they have a cancellation for this Wednesday at 3:15pm and if interested to call back ASAP as it is a first come, first serve basis and the list is incredibly long...

Needless to say, I immediately called only to find out that they had 'just filled the spot' and 'better luck next time'! ()$*(@*(!&(*~^(^~(*$)* ARGH!

So instead of only having TWO days until my appointment, I have TWO months still! :-(

*And I even tried to call Dr. S today to set up an appt to go ahead and discuss doing a December Femara/Inject cycle along with talking about IVF but they are booked out at least two weeks as well, and not convenient times might I add...* Bummer!

After wallowing in the 'what ifs' I have come to two good things about this phone call.
1~ They do actually call when a cancellation comes about!
2~ I must be getting pretty close to the top of the list in order to even get a call!

So needless to say, my phone will now be glued to me during all business hours as I dare not miss this phone call again! hahaha! February 3 just seems so far off...


Michele said...

That sucks! Wow! 2 minutes!!!

Nicole said...

Agh, how frustrating! I hate it when stuff like this happens! :( I bet with it being the holidays and all there will be more cancellations than normal. Maybe you'll get another call soon!!

Traci said...

Ahhhh, so frustrating. I can't believe Dr S is already booked up too.

Courtney Boyle said...

I am proof that they really do call from Dr. P's office. I called at beg of June, had appt for end of Aug, turned in all paperwork ASAP, and then boom they called me in a week later. Same thing with a cancellation. Luckily we did get in then which was great because it helped us make our decisions much faster than if we had waited to August. He was worth the wait though. He was the ONLY doctor who actually read my very long, complicated history, and spent an hour with us. He was my favorite of everyone I saw. Not warm and fuzzy, but he knows his stuff. Also very matter of fact. It will be Feb soon I promise! :) Here's another comparision for you - I am going to see a new OB/GYN and the wait is 5 months! I called last month and appt is April 1st. When they can get you in right away I get suspicious. :)