Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembering All Veterans!

**Can you please ignore that I did not post yesterday and thus broke my NaBloPoMO agreement. Can I just say that feeling like crap from this head cold, exhausted from being up since 2:45am, and also welcoming in cycle number 40 all had me on edge and thus in bed by 7:30pm... No joke!**

November 11, specifically at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, we remember all men and women who have served our country! Thank you!

My dad is a Veteran as well as Charles' dad. Specifically, thank you to our dad's for serving this country and preserving our Freedom!

From our house to each and every one of you who has or is currently serving, THANK YOU!

And to share a slightly humorous story that I always think of now when mentioning Veterans Day...

Back in {I believe} 2001, my family decided to open our home and hearts to be a "Visitation Family" for a teenager in Foster Care. This "Visitation Family" was to lovingly and structurally be a positive example as to how exactly a family functions. {Pre-divorce, we were a great family!} I so longed to have a sister that this was such an answered prayer for me!

We were matched with a girl named "C". :-) The first day I met "C" was on a Friday afternoon when my parents picked me up from school a bit early and there she was, sitting in the van along with my two younger brothers. She was blonde headed with fake nails {oh how she loved her fake nails!!! Saved up her money to get them all the time...} and short! We joked about this often as we are all tall and here she is, little shorty. :-) Her and I were six months apart in age {her older} but our lives were drastically different. I was enjoying high school and friends while "C" was constantly packing her bags to move from house to house.

We were able to get "C" on the weekends and usually every week if not every other and holidays. I loved having "C" around as I enjoyed having the 'sister' connection. We shared a bedroom and would often spend all night just talking. "C" and I did not see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues but that was okay. We instantly connected. I referred to has as my sister, no explanation needed.

You see, "C"'s birthday was on November 11. She would tell people that she was born on Veterinarian's Day instead of Veteran's Day... :-) It's an innocent mixup but still it brings a smile to my face thinking about her punky self.

Happy Birthday "C"... If you ever happen to read.

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mom said...

Dont' forget your grandfather was a veteran too. WWII, remember you did a report on him at school.

I thought of Caroline today too. Sure would like to hear from her.