Saturday, October 24, 2009

Not alone.

I often feel like I {and Charles} are the only couple left on the face of this earth struggling with Infertility... I know. Completely irrational. I understand this. Just tell my emotions to grasp this fact and all should be fine.

I often find myself searching other blogs {mostly thanks to Melissa Ford at Stirrup Queens and her amazingly anal list of Infertility blogs sorted by various topics...} just to read other's stories so I won't feel as alone. I want to know that others are out there still not pregnant {sounds horrible huh?} and at the same time, I love reading success stories to give me hope that miracles still do happen!

I found myself last night on google {I often google random things... LOVE google!} and decided to google 'celebrities with Infertility' and boy was I overwhelmed!!! Just about all of them only came out after they had their miracles either in womb or arms. I just wish at least one would be more open about their struggles and journey just like with the various other causes such as cancers, abuse, illnesses, and the like.

It's just nice to know {again, horrible, I know} that Infertility is not occuring becuase I'm a middle-class American, or becuase I have brown hair or blue eyes. Infertility happens to anyone and everyone. Rich people. Poor people. Black, white, red, brown, blue people. Every continent people. Celebrities and everyday folks alike.

And if you want to read about celebrities and their struggles, you can check out this, this, and this website.

Let me just say how thankful I am for the world wide web... I certainly would feel alone as the only other 'infertiles' I know, I met thanks to the Internet, in one form or another! I am so thankful to have these 'infertiles' in my life, even if 98% of them are now my reminders that miracles still do happen!

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Jessica said...

I am in the 2% of people that you "know" that is still NOT pregnant. I feel your pain. I think infertility needs to be more openly talked about in our society so we infertiles had more a support system. Hope you feel are not alone. I also sent you an e-mail.