Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kreativ-Blogger Award gave me this award! :-) Go over and congratulate her on her hard work that's paid off with 10" lost and counting!

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Now 7 things...

1. I once had a bird whom I named "Mr." Good memories... One random day, I was on the phone with a guy whom I thought I liked and suddely "Mr." fell off his perch onto the floor and started trembling. I started hollaring for someone to come. My dad came and held "Mr." while he died. Then we buried "Mr." in a shoe box in the backyard. Nice huh? Oh. No fear. I got another bird whom was named "Mrs." :-) Creative, huh?

2. I have dreamed of taking a road trip across the 48 continuous states for as long as I can remember... I don't care to go to Hawaii or Italy. Just give me a car, money, and let me drive and explore as I please the US of A!

3. Back when I was in like fifth grade, I won second in a hula-hooping contest! I lost...TO A BOY!!!!! hahaha!! Oh. I was good though! I could do some hip shaking!

4. Charles and I set our original wedding date at 06/05/04 {totally for the date!} but since planning the wedding was stressing me out {along with working full time and going to school full time} he took over the plans. Well, he called a wedding planner in Florida and we got married over Labor Day weekend so it would not interrupt missing school or him starting his new job, NOT becuase I was pregnant-thank-you-very-much! That's a whole other topic though...

5. I would LOVE to be a Rockett {even for just a day}... I think they are absolutely beautiful! It's such a female art. I love it! Heck, I love all these womanly dances like belly dancing and ballroom dances. I loved the dresses... I would LOVE to see the Rockett's live too... Maybe since they originated in St. Louis, Charles will take advantage of that and take me?? :-) HINT HINT HINT Honey!

6. Speaking of dresses and dancing and such. I went thru a stage in my early years were I would ONLY wear dresses. All the better if they "really turned". I don't think I owned a pair of blue jeans for what, six years? Crazy! I know!!!

7. I have very little decorative sense. I can see something and know if I like it or not but I cannot 'remake' it in my house. I guess in a whole, I'm not fashion savvy. I just don't know how to be.

and now I am supposed to nominate 7 others... However, can I use not feeling well as an excuse to op out and instead go crawl in bed for the night???? So, instead of nominating only 7 wonderful blogger friends, I want to say that if you read this post, I nominate YOU! Cheesy. Sorry.

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mom said...

If you couldn't wear a dress that "really turned" you had to wear "easy pants"... lol that was anything that wasn't jeans, they moved with you. And yes, you were 7 years old before you wanted a pair of jeans!