Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hormones. Unnecessary!

12.? pounds. LOST! :-) For me anyways.
16.? pounds. LOST! :-) For Charles.

We've been on the South Beach Diet for two weeks, three days. I'm pretty pleased with these results so far. ;-)

We started phase two this past Monday, two days ago, and everything seems to be sitting well with me for now. The last three days, I lost 1.2 more pounds while introducing carbohydrates back into my diet! All the right ones, so that is good!

What frustrates me is that I have noticed the last week and a half lots of "ovary action" and became concerned. I am having lots of cramp type feelings, more just aches and stuff, right around both ovaries. It just is not right.

Three days ago, it dawned on me. It's the hormones. Not MY hormones, which is the problem. For goodness sake, do these additional hormones not know my body has a hard enough time functioning without their 'help'?? It is the hormones that we are ingesting thanks to the cheapest poultry, beef, and eggs that we can buy {trying to stick to the budget of course} and thus not the hormone free, pesticide free, and antibiotic free selections we were eating 98% of the time.

I am almost tempted to ask for an ultrasound to see if my ovaries now look with all these hormones and crap in me again... I tell ya. My body isn't just sensitive to medications, but to EVERYTHING! Which I guess is a good thing that I know my body enough to pinpoint this!

So needless to say, we've allotted an extra $20 a week to compensate for the additional costs these hormone free, pesticide free, and antibiotic free items will cost us each week. It is worth it to not have any of this "ovary action" going on!

And we wonder why little girls are 'maturing' earlier and earlier... Or why little boys are showing more signs of female traits than DNA says they should. The additives that are put in our meats and dairy is UNNECESSARY! I strongly believe that if you are going to prioritize buying anything organic, all-natural, it should be these foods instead of the fruits and veggies!


Michele said...

It does cost more but we do organic and local whenever possible. I think things taste better too.

Annie Kates said...

Congratulations on the weight loss! That is amazing news. I completely agree on the natural/organic meats and dairy. There are far too many hormones pumped into those animals. I love organic milk, it's so much creamier tasting!

squirrelgirl said...

I've stuck by that with Katherine. I don't want her starting her period when she's 8, so we go organic with dairy and meat. We're growing our own veggies, too, to cut down on the other chemicals. Those hormones and antibiotics DEFINITELY make a difference. How wild that you can actually feel it!

Emily B said...

Have you considered cutting meat out of your diet? I became vegetarian nearly 9 years ago now and when I read about the problems with meat, from contamination to hormones and chemicals it just makes me more relieved that I made that choice.

I know it's not for everyone, and I am totally not trying to preach to you (we all draw our own lines and even going organic and free-range is a step in a good direction). But if you're really worried and want to save money as well, it's a great way to cut down on costs and your worries.