Tuesday, October 13, 2009


A couple posts down, I revealed that I had been reading... Shocker. I know. :-)

I first read, The Infertility Companion. This is a book endorsed by the Christian Medical Association. For me, it addressed topics that I had thought about, but not in the depth that they were discussed.
For instance, Surrogacy. This can become a touchy topic. I have my opinions as to what Charles and I will and will not consider shall we come to this point.

I would recommend that everyone in contact with someone struggling with Infertility to read the book though, at least the first few chapters! It has a list of what to NOT say to an infertile... Rather amusing to read it myself really. :-)

My second book was The Fertile Female. Not quite sure how I feel about this book. I found the Pantry Must haves interesting towards the end of the book. Other than that, nothing real stood out to me. I read the book awfully quickly so maybe I just didn't take the time to get deep into it?

The last book I read was A Blessed Event. Wow. WEIRD! It is a novel that deals with Surrogacy {and clearly, not how I would practice Surrogacy!} Twisted all the way thru. However, I did like the ending. I think it was the best possible considering how the whole story was for goodness sake!
So, what books {dealing with Infertility or not} would you recommend for a good read? Do you have any additional thoughts on any of these three books I just listed?


Melis.sa said...

i haven't read the books you listed. I have only read taking charge of your fertility.

also, i nominated you for an award!

Making Babies said...

Hey hun, I'm busy reading "Infertility - A survival Guide for couples and those who love them". Saw it on M&H's book shelf last weekend, just busy going through it. I must say it's weird for me reading a book about infertility and religion tied into one. You are so used to reading all the medical stuff...