Saturday, October 3, 2009

3-Month FREE Supply!

For those of you wanting to try Femara, here is your perfect chance! You just need your Dr to give you a Rx for it and you can get a FREE three month supply! :-) {That is if you are using it for fertility reasons...}

You take two 2.5mg tablets once a day for five days. It works very simliar to Clomid, without the horrible side effects!

EXPIRES 12/31/2009!!!!!

Little story...

I took Clomid for two days many months ago. I was crazy!!!! Thus the only popping pills for two days... I have also taken Femara and did not have the first side effect {we all know me and how I love to have side effects of everything I take so this is big!} and ovulated beauitfully!!! Unfortunately, no baby but at least I ovulated!

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Melissa said...

Wanted to let you know I received my package yesterday! I love the wheel! Thanks a bunch!