Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fairhaven Goodies Review!

I was recently given an amazing opportunity from Barbara at Fairhaven Health! I was sent a few items to review and tell you all about! :-)

The first, and the one I was most excited about, is the Fertile Focus Saliva Ovulation Scope! I have wanted one of these for like the last two years and now I have the opportunity to test it out! I did try it the first day I got it and it showed partial fern which should have indiciated I was going to ovulate the following 3-4 days but since I was on a medicated stim cycle, this was not the most accurate of readings. Or. Perhaps I just need to learn to read it properly. :-)

Anyways. I'm looking forward to using this every single day this current cycle! It's one flat fee. No running out of strips to pee on and thus running the risk of having dye variance from different lots... I'm very excited about this!

This is my second favorite! It is the Bend, Breathe, and Conceive Yoga DVD. It was made specifically for those of us trying to conceive as there are specific poses that one should not do in Yoga that can harm instead of help a potential baby...

This Pregnancy Wheel is very cool to read! It will become my latest addiction, I am sure! :-) You just put the arrow where your mensus started and it tells your your estimated due date. This is so much easier to configure instead of going to my cell phone calendar and counting fourty weeks... Yes. I do this. And probably more times than I shall care to admit. {Blush} If only I could get my cycles to mimic the 'normal' 28 days every textbook mentions then it would also pinpoint when ovulation should occur and thus making the "baby making festival" that much less complicated!! Baby steps Meghan, Baby Steps...

Although I am very excited to really try these out, I am more excited about the giveaway I am putting together!!! It may, or may not, include one or all of these same items. :-) More news on that later!!!

For now though! Farihaven Health is offering all of you Ugly Ducklings a chance to get 10% off your order until September 1, 2009!!!! Just use the code Sunshine09 and Happy Shopping!

****Updated Discount Code! Autumnblog

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