Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hypnosis for Fertility?

We may not be pursuing any treatments but that does not mean I can continue to read up and learn about Fertility improving methods, right? :-)

On the news this week, I head another story on how Hypnobirthing helped women get thru labor and delivery without any pain medications, just how they desired. This intrigued me as although I have like very little pain tolerance, I hope to have a delivery with little medical intervention as possible.

Back to Fertility improvements...

The story went on to say how these hypnosis can help with boosting ones Fertility too! Really? How??? Anyone tried this?? Success?? Thoughts?? I'm up for trying just about anything right now!


Melis.sa said...

ooo i've never heard of that for fertility treatments.

Anonymous said...

I am a Hypnosis for Fertility Specialist. Hypnosis offers real ways to be able to relax the mind and body during challenging and stressful times. It is also a way to be able to clear any unknown emotional blocks that may be hindering conception. Studies have shown an increase in conception of over 40% when hypnosis was used. There is lots of information on my website:
and I am more that happy to chat with you further about how hypnosis can help.
Sarah Carson

carebear said...

Played for Tech huh? Well, beats my association. ;) Glad you enjoyed the Braves game - they really are much more fun when they win huh? :)
Well, I gotta get to bed...tomorrow is Gameday. I have a feeling it's going to be a LONG night. I don't care if it is ugly - I just want another W!
toodles techie!