Thursday, July 23, 2009

Update from new Dr. Visit

Today I finally spoke with the nurse in regards to my test results! This has been the first downfall we've had from the office but one we can certainly live with! :-)

I was told my hemoglobin (sp?) came back normal/negative. Whichever the correct answer it. No problems. For the fun part?

My Testosterone is 66.8 and the first time ever measured before. I was told this is within normal range and from what I've read online, it is... Any thoughts?

Now, my TSH was tested yet again. This time it came back at 3.80! So... I can't help but wonder if the extra high one at almost 6 was a lab error or a fluke (what causes a fluke?) or just something strange. Maybe even someone elses' results! Which brings me to my next thought...

If this one out of four TSH draws was indeed a lab error then what out of the 13 vials of blood I had done was indeed correct??? Is it all just a lab error? Am I really positive for something that I was told I was negative for and vice versa??? What are the chances that I would have a lab error or misread on just my TSH and everything else is correct???

I'm still taking the Armour Thyroid medication, day two was today, and along with that the Baby Aspirin and tonight I picked up my Rx for the Folplex which is similiar to Folgard just different manufactors? Oh yes, and my Flintstones multi vitamin I'm still popping as well. :-)

So since my hCG test came back negative, I'm not pregnant. :-( It's okay. I expected this. I am having the hystercopy (is that the right terminology?) sometime in August to remove the Polyp and do the D&C to test my lining. Of course, I'm hoping and praying that we fall pregnant before the surgery so it's not necessary but I'm certainly not holding my breath for that either!

So onto the good news... We should, crossing all fingers and hoping for the best, be able to start up full fledge trying again in late September or early October! Which means... We would have a baby after the whole escapades of April and May birthday's on Charles' side of the family! Not to mention, we may very well be pregnant when we head to Georgia for Thanksgiving this year to celebrate with our families!!!!!! That would be absolutely wonderful... I know. I'm getting ahead of myself but one cannot help but have a sense of new found hope with this new Dr!!! :-)


Randi said...

I had originally posted about checking your testestrone levels in a previous post. I will have to look at work (where all of my doctor stuff is) to see what my level is. At my endocrologist, she wants my level to be 1.something. I was in the high 3's when I started going to her and she is highly respected. I think you are doing the right thing with the thyroid medicine.

Randi said...

Oops, I changed subjects in my orignal post. My thyroid level was in the 3's like yours. Do you have excess prolactin? I had that and found to have a pituitary gland tumor and that messes with infertility.

Making Babies said...

I'm so excited for you guys! New Doc, new POA. Everything is just working out like it should hey. YAY!! :) x

Michele said...

fingers crossed for a fall conception!