Saturday, July 25, 2009

Update along with De-Cluttering and Organizing

Yesterday I received a phone call from the nurse at the new Dr. office to inform me that the surgery has been scheduled for August 13 at 10am. I am not to eat after midnight on August 12 and arrive at 9am to prep. They will be removing the polyp along with doing a D&C. Although I must say, I'm rather nervous about this... I believe I am going to go back in after my period comes and goes just to have another ultrasound to confirm if the polyp is still there or not as I do not want to have surgery unnecessarily! Obviously. Of course, I'm hoping that I'll fall pregnant between now and then and thus negate the need for any surgery but well, we all know how likely that is to happen... :-( So it's scheduled. I'm prepared.

Thankfully, I'll have plenty of distraction as Charles and I will be keeping my nanny boys for almost a week while their parents enjoy a much needed and deserved vacation! It's so pathetic how excited Charles is (okay, me too!) as he absolutely adores these babies!!! It'll be fun and then we'll give them back and get our much needed and deserved recovery. :-)

Today has been a wonderfully productive day! Charles has been lounging all day since the last 8 days straight he has been batteling heart palpitations without rythm or reason.

BTW- He's been drinking Calm Tea which is a balance of Calcium and Magneseum along with taking Passion Flower which is a natural beta blocker and has noticed a significant change! Previously he was having them like consistantly, like more times than you can count in an hour! But not every hour... Now, he's had six today. TOTAL! So something's working! :-)

We went to Weekend's Only outlet to do some price shopping on new couches as we absolutely do not like ours. They are six years old now and not so comfortable anymore. How long do couches last anyways??? So Charles wants leather... I don't. I can only imagine the dogs putting their paws on the couch and poking holes in it or scratching them not to mention the wrinkles and all that they get after wear. What do yall think? Leather? Suede? Jean? Montage? Suggestions, please! One of us needs to give so I need good reasons to or to persuade him to! :-)

So since we have been lounging today, I decided to do something productive as I have no reason not to really. I have been totally organizing and de-cluttering and collecting items for a garage sale! So ready to get rid of and have a clean fresh look to every single room in the house! Any tips or tricks that work for you that you would be oh so kind to share since, well, I'm far from a pro at it to begin with!!!! :-)


Kelli said...

I need new couches, too! The couches in my living room are hand-me-downs from my parents and the couch in the family room is a hand-me-down from a friend. I think it's high time we got some couches of our own!

Praying for your upcoming surgery! xo

Making Babies said...

Hey hun. Come sort through my stuff when you done will you??

I'm glad the surgery is booked. Of course we will pray that it gets canceled due to a beautiful BFP.

Check out my blog today. I gave you an award. x

squirrelgirl said...

I have a leather couch & loveseat that I got when I was pg with Katherine. Love, love it - easy to clean up spills, no stains. But I don't have dogs, so I can't advise on that point.