Monday, July 6, 2009

This has been one CRAZY week! And by the way... We still do not have cable or internet connected at our house yet. You see. Yesterday it was to be connected but the guy never showed and charles got pissed and cancelled it all together. So. Now we are trying to find another provider that has access to connect to our remote house. Anyways. I have had a friend figure out how to blog via my cell phone so this should do for now... Only temporarily as i want my blog back! :-) and here are some photos of the move. Jill and i made many trips back and forth between houses. Enough to empty an entire gas tank in one weekend! That is a lot of driving! While we were making the trek over and over again, jack was at the vets getting his teeth cleaned. Ya know. Because every dog brushes their teeth every day and all... :-)

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Michele said...

So glad the move is going well! Cant wait til you get settled in and all set up.

When we were having our cable installed, it was a PITA. No one ever has come when they were supposed to. But, what can you do when you need it! They know they have you by the balls!

Melissa said...

Lol, my dh and i have done that too (gotten angry and cancelled service b/c the people coming to hook things up were douche bags)