Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New found Energy!!!!

I was warned. Not once. Not twice. But multiple times. I was warned when it was just the Thyroid medicine. I was warned when it was just the Folgard medicine. I was warned enough to take it seriously. Did I? Nope. That is, until I had my first sleepless night.

I learned my lesson when I took the Folgard at 5pm one day and needless to say, did not sleep hardly a minute that night as I was so wound full of energy! My mind racing...

You see. To begin with, I never have complained about lack of energy so I assumed you would only notice the energy difference if you fell into that category. Not that it would drastically increase your energy levels no matter where you currently stood!

So, on top of already not having an energy complaint, I am naturally a night owl and so not a morning person... This has only become all the more drastic thanks to the meds!

Now? I take my Thyroid medicine first thing in the morning at, on weekdays, 6am. I shower, get dressed and then eat breakfast. Before I walk out the door at 7:20am ish I take two Folgard/Folplex pills for the MTHFR. I have TONS and tons and tons of energy all stinking day long!!!!!

I am wide awake until, at the very earliest, 10:30pm! I then crawl into bed and still wide eyed, trying so hard to fall asleep as I know the alarm sounds way too early for my liking!

The problem? I hate waking up in the morning! *That's not new.* It's that the amount of sleep I'm getting is less as I'm going to bed later and even then, I don't fall right asleep *Not in the norm for me...* so my usual 9-10 hours of sleep a night is down to like six. This may not be a big deal to some but to me, "Sleep Diva", it's a HUGE deal!

Think my body will adjust and I'll be back to my usual sleep patterns??? If so, how long do you think I should give it?? Believe me, I'm going to ask my Dr. on Monday about this as well and get his thoughts... I mean. I'm already on the lowest dosage of Thyroid meds and on the recommended dosage for MTHFR. Not much room for changes that I forsee...


Kelli said...

Great! I hope it works out for you...the RE's are great!

Hope you get some sleep soon!

Traci said...

I found an L-Methylfolate supplement that does not require an rx. Like we talked about, it's what is in Neevo and bypasses the MTHFR mutation. I buy supplements from this company all the time and they are excellent. Good luck at your appt. I hope that polyp has the good grace to disappear on it's own! Here's the link for the supplement: