Monday, July 13, 2009

Mom again

The good news is that Meghan will have Internet Friday! YIPEE! The bad news is, until then I will blog a couple more times for her.

I thought I would start a debate.... a fun one. Should you find out the sex of your baby before he/she is born? While I understand why parents want to know if it's a boy or a girl before delivery, I hope Meghan does not opt for that when the day comes. Not that you aren't thrilled to no end to meet your baby boy or baby girl that first time, but there is absolutely nothing like that magical moment when The Doctor announces... You have a son! or You have a daughter! It's better than winning the lottery.

When I was pregnant with Meghan I wanted a little girl sooooooo badly!!!!! When getting an ultrasound once, my Doctor said, I have a perfect view, do you want to know the sex of the baby. I said NO, Meghan's dad said yes. The Doctor said, sorry dad, the mom rules. He was not happy with me. I was afraid because I wanted a little girl so much, that if I found out I was having another son, for one split second, I would be disappointed. I knew the sex of the baby wouldn't matter one ounce once I had him in my arms that very first time; but would it matter before? I didn't want to find out. Anyway, I love surprises, my husband never has to worry about me snooping around before holidays/birthdays.

One Christmas, (right at that age when you aren't quite sure if Santa is real or not, but you don't want to say there is no Santa just in case there is....) my older sister and I were snooping around for Christmas presents and we found them! Boy we thought we were all that! We knew what every present was, for us and our little brother and little sister. The problem came Christmas morning when we rushed to see what Santa had brought, you know, since we knew what mom and dad got us, well... there under the tree were not only the gifts from mom and dad, but also from Santa. :( That clenched it for us, there was no Santa. Yes, we still played with our toys but opening them just wasn't the same that year. The "magic" wasn't there that morning.

Now, I'm not saying that knowing the sex of your baby beforehand is like ruining your Christmas. I know it's very different, I'm just suggesting that maybe waiting would add a thrill that you would not have otherwise.

Now, to wait for the comments on why you want to know or don't want to know the sex of your baby before delivery. Oh... and in two days a very sweet story about Meghan and her big brother Matthew, on the day she was born.


Michele said...

We've always liked knowing what we are having. It is such a part of the pre-natal bonding period. I think, also, for us, it helped get us through the grief of having babies die. Knowing that we were having twins, then seeing b/g on the u/s and confirming what we felt inside, enabled us to develop and have such a deep relationship with the babies. Our time on earth was cut so short, but it was special to know them by name. This continued with their little brother, and now with these babies. I cant imagine not talking to them by name. Telling them about the things in the world around them... Singing to them... Asking them to play off of mommy's cervix, LOL. :)

But it is a decision each parent has to make for themselves. I think especially for parents with infertility or a history of loss, the desire to know as much of their baby as they can because they never know what might be around each corner is a very valid one.

Making Babies said...

LOL, I was expecting a juicy debate :)

Ummmm, I'm way too impatient. I have to know the very second I can. I also agree with the above poster. Knowing the gender and then having names picked out. That is the way I would go.

squirrelgirl said...

M's Mom, I have to say that great minds think alike. I wanted the surprise, DB wanted to know. I prevailed and one of the most treasured moments of my entire life is having my brand-new baby laid on my chest and having DB tell me that we had a beautiful little girl. I still cry when I think about it *sniff*. If we are blessed a second time, I'll want it to be a surprise again, but I may have to give DB his way since I got may way last time.