Thursday, July 9, 2009

Guest Blogger - Out of Africa

Out of Africa“Making Babies to Finding Family come in… Come in Finding Family….. “So who am I and what am I doing on Meghan’s blog? I’m Marcelle crossing over from Making Babies ( ) invited by Megs to Guest blog on here. Now I’ve never been a Guest Blogger before, so this is quite nerve racking for me. I asked M what do I blog about? My blog is full of my own thoughts, but to come onto someone else’s blog and hopefully do it justice is a task in itself. Megs said I should talk about myself and what I do. Well Megs and I are infertility warriors and close friends. I live in South Africa, (was going to say Sunny South Africa, but at the moment we are in the middle of winter and freezing our toes off.) with my 5 year old daughter McKenna and Husband Craig.

Just over a year ago, I started an on line business called Making Babies. ( ) South Africa needed affordable fertility products and a local support forum. Oddly enough South African women weren't as comfortable about talking about the female reproductive tract and infertility heartache as my fellow American friends were. The Making Babies Social Network ( ) was born shortly after launching my online shop. We are growing in numbers with the latest tally sitting at 134 members. I'm very proud of our group. The support is awesome. Of course we welcome members from all over the globe too!

My dear friend Megs, who not only has been there every step of the way during my 3 year (plus) Trying to Conceive journey. Has also been a strong supporter of my business. Encouraging me and keeping my passion alive for helping other women who are struggling to conceive. It was also Megs who I entrusted with the first rough draft of my eBook – Baking Maybe’s ( I’m eternally grateful that you took the time to review and comment hun. Thanks for every time I need a quick “pick me up confidence” boost. You have always supported my decisions and been so excited for me. It means more than you will ever know. You have shared all the important events in my life over the last three years. We have cried, laughed and danced. When I needed to have my faith restored you were there! I'm super excited for this new journey that Megs and Charles are on. Deep down in my heart I just know that soon we will all be admiring a beautiful POSITIVE pregnancy test. It's then that I'm going to wish I wasn't miles and miles away. But rather in your living room, jumping up and down, screaming and crying with joy! Until that day my friend, may you live each day with the peace and happy giddy feeling that soon you will be a mommy. An awesome mommy!

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