Friday, July 10, 2009

Guest Blogger - Krissy

Hello all, I feel honored to be given the opportunity to write as a guest blogger on my good friend, Meghan's blog. My name is Krissy, also known as Buzzy's Mama on the blog I have known her for over three years now ( OMG - where has the time gone? -- we met on a pregnancy forum when we were both beginning our trying to conceive journey, she in Georgia and I in Mexico of all places) and consider her a truly exceptional person, a very strong woman and a fantabulous (Yes, fantabulous which if you didn't already guess is fabulous + fantastic) friend. Though we live nearly an entire country apart (because I am no longer in Mexico but Washington state), we have gotten to know each other very well on many levels and have shared in some of life's most exciting and devastating moments. I would like to dedicate this post (although I am still not entirely sure of what it will be about-- just gonna let it flow) to Meghan and our friendship. *

There was literally 12 hours spent contemplating what I would write next and as I passed over topic after topic in my mind nothing seemed appropriate. But then this morning as I was sitting, watching my one year old play and looking down at the prominent bump that is my abdomen, feeling like a poor excuse for a mother because I can't get on the floor and play and my poor daughter probably thinks I am such a major dud, I began thinking. Thus my topic was born.
5 Reasons Meghan Will be the Greatest Mom

#1: When a girl/woman tries as long and hard as Meghan has to create a baby there is no doubt that there is an incredible emotional investment. This investment may seem superficial to some who have never tried, or were able to fall pregnant the first or second or third month or even within the first six months. But that is not true. Her investment runs deep, to her core. She has become vulnerable physically, emotionally, mentally and biologically allowing a space in her heart to open that one day will be filled with a love for her long awaited child that no one except someone who has shared the experience will understand. She will appreciate her child(ren) that much more, she will enjoy every moment that much more, and she will see the life of her child(ren) through the eyes of a woman who struggled deeply in order to create those children. This is the number one reason Meghan will be the greatest mom.

#2: She is a well rooted Christian woman. The foundation of all things that make us who we are is what our parents were before us and Meghan is nothing but an unwavering soldier of God. Her children will grow up in a clean, respectful, loving, Christian atmosphere where God is first and foremost. Though this technically should be the number one reason Meghan will be the greatest mom but in my opinion, they both hold the same weight of reasoning in very different ways.

#3: Meghan has vast experience with children working in day cares, nannying and through family. From newborn infants to toddlers, to children and teens she knows them all and is very open minded about the care of each individual age group. She is logical but not narrow minded and is great at accepting advice (wanted or unwanted) from third parties.

#4: She sees things through "rose colored glasses". Her glass is always half full. She is optimistic, no matter what life throws her way and is able to overcome life's obstacles with little distress. A HUGE plus for any mom.

#5: And the 5th and final but definitely not the least reason why Meghan will be the greatest mom is because she has what every great mom needs; the love and support of a great dad. Charles (Meghan's husband) is a great support system and understands as much as a man can understand the trials and tribulations Meghan has had to go through to successfully make their dream of becoming parents come true. He has been there for her through all the attempts, all the cycles that ended in sadness. He has been there through all the medical testing, has endured some of it himself and all the while holds Meghan's hand in anticipation of what will come next to bring them that much closer. Therefore he will be a greater dad when the times comes as well, because he knows the struggle. And when you put a great dad, together with a great mom there is no twosome who can't conquer more in this world.

Just my two fifty cents. If you know Meghan and agree, leave some love for her in the comments. If you don't know her, you should. She is a FANTABULOUS person!That's all for now folks.Much <3


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Amen to that!!


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DITTO DITTO DITTO DITTO DITTO!! :) Couldn't have said it better myself!