Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Congrats are in Order!

I am so very excited to announce that within the Infertility Support Group I facilitate here is now celebrating it's THIRD pregnancy! Jenny, I am so over the moon excited for you and if I had your blog address I would send everyone over to wish you all the congrats and a wonderfully smooth pregnancy! :-) First IVF round was a success and suspecisions are that maybe it was a success times TWO!

And onto less exciting but still interesting news on my behalf...

I made another appointment with the new Dr. for Monday, August 3. I will have my lovely yearly along with a chance to ask lots of questions distraction free as I will not have the babies or my husband with me. :-)

My questions so far to ask...

~What are the chances of the polyp going away with a nice heavy period?
~Do they return? How long between surgeries?
~Would he do another ultrasound just for peace of mind that it is still there and surgery is still needed?
~Should I stop the Baby Aspirin prior to surgery or not?
~How soon after my TSH numbers are "stable" can we resume treatments? *Those will be tested every 4 weeks until where he wants it (0.4).*
~What will he recommend first? Are we starting at the ground again with Femara or moving to Injects right away?
~Can we do another Semen Analysis just to see how, if any, Charles' numbers have changed?
~Any other suggestions????

And then we'll proceed with the IVF discussion... You see. We are, thankfully, one of the limited that has the option within insurance selections to pick an option that covers up to 3 rounds of IVF. However, we have to enroll with this different insurance (it's more money every month and the coverage in other areas isn't as good as what we have now but it's okay) the end of 2009 for it to be effective in 2010. So... As the year closes in, we have to make this decision and live with the choices for another year as we're not going to pay out of pocket for something that ultimately would be covered if we just wait a year or less. This is a big decision.

So, in my mind here is the timeline I'm thinking... Let me know what ya think and if it's reasonable or not, seriously.

August 13 - Hystercopy (sp?)
August 20 - Re-test TSH and praying they are almost level (four week mark)
September 17 - Re-test TSH with the hopes it is finally 0.4 ish! (eight week mark)
September 19-26 - In Florida spending time with Grandma and family.
October 21 - Three months to the day that Baby Aspirin has been a daily regime
October 23 - Three months to the day that Forgard has been in my system
November 26 - Share with family that we're Thankful to finally be pregnant!!! :-)

So, I'm thinking if my TSH levels are 0.4 ish in September then we could start treatments then. Unfortunately, I know my body and will probably end up with lingering cysts from whatever treatments we do so if we do not fall pregnant, we'll end up sitting out at least one cycle to recover. So, I think we would be able to get in two (three in all) treatment cycles by the time we are to make a decision on switching up insurance or not... It would also be Christmas time and we all know how stressful this time is so the thoughts are if three rounds do not work that we'd proceed straight to IVF.

Think my expectations are realistic or am I setting myself up for complete letdown?


Melissa said...

Congratulations for your friend!!! That's fantastic news!!

I think you have a solid list of questions for your doctor. i haven't even looked up how long it is supposed to take the meds to work in lowering tsh levels...gah i should do that.

and that's awesome that you get the option of paying extra but having 3 chances at ivf!!

I hope your plan works out and that this thanksgiving you can make the big announcement!! :)

Cathy said...

You're my kinda girl :D A list like that just sparkles! In all seriousness, I think it sounds great.

I would say that the timeline seems realistic too. Might even be something you could just share with your new OB to see what he thinks.

August 3 is right around the corner! Excited to hear what the doc has to say!!