Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Today's Excitement!

Today started out as usual. Well, mostly usual. I played with my nanny boys. Listened to them airing out their lungs. (Today, we had a teether and sleep deprived baby) After food and naps and all were happy we headed out to LabCorp for the long awaited blood profile. I don't know if that is the right name but it's working for me.

I signed in at 1:07pm.

Not another person in the office...

After spending time deciphering the writing on the order, the gal made a comment on "draining my blood". I knew it would be a lot of blood exiting my body. I just never realized exactly how much!

When she was finished getting all the viles she would need, I requested to take a photo to prove it to you all just how much it was! Yes, please, count.

13. 13 viles which would soon be full of my blood. The most I'd ever had before was like 4. 13 freaked me out, just a bit.

So we started. She was handing me the full viles to put back in the holder and would continue filling. Around the 9th vile, I felt light headed. My job as vile putter-backer was over. I was concentrating on breathing... I couldn't pass out as I had the babies with me!

When all was said and done she put cold washcloth on my forhead and neck. She fanned me. She gave me cold water to drink. She reminded me to continue breathing... And of course, she entertained the boys as they were starting to get impatient at this time. She was FANTASTIC!

We left the office at 2:22pm. Almost 1 1/2 hours! HOLY COW! I decided after going thru that, I was going to treat myself. We walked two bulidings over to Oberwise and had some nice ice cream.

The boys watched while I enjoyed. :-)

It was a Peanut Butter (Protein to give me energy of course!) and Chocolate Sundae bowl. YUM YUM!

So now the waiting begins... I was told the longest it should take is 2 weeks. But I did get a print out of all the tests and no, I did not request the ones that were additionally recommended (thank you for your thoughts) as I just got them today but boy am I glad I did as I don't know if I could have handed another few viles being taken from me!!!!!!

So here's where we stand right now... There's always availability for a "next time" for whatever labs that may have been missed (like the Fasting Insulin, Glucose, Testosterone, etc.)

Estradiol - Antinuclear Antibodies Direct - FSH, Serum - PTT, Activated - Thyroxine (T4) - Triiodothyronine (T3) - TSH - Lupus Profile - Natural Killer Cell Surface Ag - Factor V Activity - MTHFR - Protein C Antigen - Protein S Antigen

All these tests, if not for Insurance, would cost well over $2,000!!!!!! Thank God for Insurance!


Melissa said...

there's another woman on here, the angry infertile, who just had like 17 vials taken out after her last ivf didn't work. it's mildly ridiculous how much we have to push to find solutions to our specific issues.

Anyhow the ice cream looks scrumptous. :) I hope you're having a great night!

*my word verification is onion. how random

Buzzys Mama said...

ok, OT in response to your OT comment to grab my blog button you copy and paste the code. No need to right click. Highlight the code and press ctrl+c. then you can either right click n paste it to your page or press ctrl+v to paste it. simple dimples!! ttyl
yummy lookin ice cream btw!

Making Babies said...

Wow, that sure is a lot. Lets hope it brings a lot of answers too! x

Maureen & Jacob said...

Megan...this is a great story and I can totally relate!! I just had 13 viles taken 3 weeks ago for all my Ahlering tests. Granted it was 5 in the morning and 8 early afternoon, but I also got light headed and had to sit and drink a glass of water before she would let me get up! Ahh...the things we go through! Good luck...I hope it is all good news when you get the results!

ps...I do love the blogging...very theraputic!

Cathy said...

What an eventful day you had! I almost passed out the last time they took oodles of blood from me too. Kinda freaky. Looks like you made it through it pretty well, considering you had two adorable boys to tend to afterwards. Good for you for treating yourself to some yummy ice cream - you deserved it!

Anonymous said...

Hope you get your answers.
And I wish youluck on journey.
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